Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I rejoiced yesterday at the office because I got a good news. The training i was suppose to conduct in Baguio will instead be held here because the budget which was almost half a million will instead be saved for the Hongkong trip. Wow, i have reasons to rejoice you know why? I did not like the training to be held in there it is so far and it has a big toll on me. Secondly, i did not want to be away. I will miss blogging for almost a week and I will miss tasks. Thirdly, I can save money in a way for Christmas because I will not be spending personal funds as it is a fact that you can really spend your personal money even on official travels. I will be most happy to be in Hongkong, soon.

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Gvenrose said...

hmm.. wow outside the country trip again? happy for you. btw okay na adto na layout? i mean the color combination? di pa adto human liwanan pa adto na mga pink na color. hehehe.. btw pd mo na ito palitan domain.


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