Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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Friday, December 26, 2008


The derailed family getaway yesterday to a beach resort did not hamper our christmas day enjoyment. After watching a local comedy movie, we went to the department store where we passed by a digital photo studio. We went in for a family picture taking. It is a good souvenir for this year's christmas. My two sons, elder in red is 13 years old  and younger in green is 12 years old. Beside me in yellow shirt is my daughter who is 20 years old. If you will ask where the father is, he lives in Cebu eight years now and our marriage has been declared null and void by the court. Me and my kids have moved on since then and we live happy without him.    

Monday, December 22, 2008


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Friday, December 19, 2008


I am sad for the many filipino overseas workers who were sent home from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan and in many other parts of the world as a result of the streamlining of posistions by companies who were affected by the economic crisis. Some of them went home with only a few monies left due to the unexpected termination. I know they are happy to be with their families but the offshoot of this would not be good as they will belong to the unemployed sectors of the society. I know they will cope, as filipinos are great with coping during hard times.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When I was a little kid and my brothers and sisters were going to school, how I always wished that I was going to school, too. I love to see them read their books at home, recite a declamation and sing their classroom songs. I mimic their oral reading and I was so amused they could read and write. There were even two pages in my brothers book that he used to read aloud that I memorized. I boasted to my father that I know how to read but he laughed when he noticed that I was holding the book upside down.

My father sensed the eagerness in me to learn, so he taught me how to write and he read to me books and magazines. He read to me magazines that developed my creativity, imagination and reading comprehension. My father was a good teacher and his reading instrument was the Children's Highlights Magazine. He passed on to me his hobby of reading Highlights. I could say that like him, I Was A Highlights Kid, too.  I remember he would read to me in the porch using the lamp because there was no electric power, yet or maybe if there was my parents could not afford to pay.  My brothers and sisters are avid readers of Highlights, too. Now, I am so glad I was a reader of Hihglight magazine because it honed my verbal ability and reading comprehension as my father would ususally ask us questions regarding what we read. 

In the present world, parents should inject to their children the value of reading magazines and not just purely bystanding over the computer for games. Highlight Magazine is a good educational resource.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Storm Ulyses is still within the country's vicinity bringing gusty winds and cold winds adding to the cold December wind especailly at night. Since it  brings gusty winds, the seas are so rough which have cost the lives of about 23 who died in a sunken boat just 50 meters away from the docking terminal. I remember December and January have rough seas always whenever I travel to Cebu then. The storm is of a relatively strong speed but weather forecasts says that it will divert its path tomorrow to the Pacific seas.     


It is very interesting to read and learn about history. During my college days, I love the history subject because whenever it is a very enriching subject to know the past events that have happened in a particular era, to recognize the people who are responsible and behind the sucess and fall of a particular happening, to relate why such things are happening at the present times and to learn lessons out of the stories of people may those stories be good or bad, to apply at present those things that are worthy of immitation and to avoid the things that are not worthy enough to be immitiated. 

I was reading at regarding the The truth about holodomor of 1932-1933.  This site presents scholarly arguments and facts about the 'Golodomor' in the Soviet Union. One argument says that the Soviet famine of 1932-1933 that affected most major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union, including Northern Caucasus, Volga Region, South Urals, West Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine may have been designed as an attack on Ukraine, and therefore, should fall under the legal definition of genocide meaning it was a systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. On the other hand, another argument by European Parliament in its resolution on 23 October 2008 rejected to call the famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as an act of genocide. If what it really is, you visit its site. 


I have been talking to a long time friend who I met three years ago in Cebu. Her husband works as an overseas worker and it was sad to hear that the fruits of the her husbands labor which part of it was made to buy a 200 square meters of land in Cebu was found out bought from a hoax owner. In desperation she called me up and was soliciting my advice. I can't blame her for being too trusting. I am like her too in most instances. Too bad, she met a scrupulous person and I adviced her to sue the person to get back the big amount of money her husband toiled overseas.   

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Many products nowadays have a good buzz in the market because of intensive advertisements over the TV, radio and over the newspapers. Some of them are pretty good and are really trusted to provide the best services and or quality but however, there are some products and services, which only look good and best in advertisements but are the opposite when procured. You can avoid this situation when you register at is a consumer network that connects you with people who use the same phone,  people who play the same game, people who eat at the same restaurant, people who drive the same car, people who visit the same place, people who read the same book and people who use the other products that you like, too. At Acobay you are assured that the products and services you like to buy are guaranteed at their best based from the people itself who have used the same products and services.

At Acobay you can have the opportunity, too to share the joy in getting you dreamed stuffs, how much and why you like the stuff and why you don't like the stuff. At Acobay you become part of the community of consumers and show off what you have. You can win friends, too in the process.  So, if I were you, you will register now. Register at 

Friday, December 12, 2008


As early as now there are carollers outside our gate. Young boys and girls living outside our home subdivision come for carolling. I was surpised because it is so soon for carolling. Traditionally, carollings are made starting December 16, the start of mesa de gallo (midnight mass or rooster's mass) and simbang gabi until December 24.  Anyway, it is Christmas time and it is time for sharing. The kids are most happy to receive candies or cash coming from the house where they had carolling. Me here shared a few pesos.      

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Are you a person that feels burned out with daily chores and you feel no excitement and meaning to everything that you are doing? Or maybe, every thing seems so big for you to handle that you just flare up so easily and shout at anybody for minor mistakes? If you are revealing these symptoms, you need to manage your stress. You need help from The Stress Institute, a lifestyle company that provides solutions and practices in the fields of stress management, work and life balance, sustainability and mindful living to corporations, non-profits and individuals. It is an institute for stress and anxiety and is comprised of prominent physicians and professionals in a variety of stress and work/life balance related disciplines. If you are interested, visit its site at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


History may repeat itself that is why the government has a proactive stance on criminalities that may surge in this coming christmas holidays. It could be remembered that in the past two years there have been bombing attacks made by terrorists on public transports and public infrastructure that caused a number of human and property casualties. I am happy that the police authorities are imposing stringent measures now on railway transits and on other public infrastructure facilities. Of course, the help and cooperation of the public is highly solicited. It is for the public's welfare, anyway.   


Are you a security conscious person? Well, there is nothing wrong with being one. It always pays to be secure than be sorry. If you like to have additional security device in your store for example, then you have a security camera installed inside your store to catch any unscrupulous people. In your house this can be installed, too. Where to buy? Buy it atSecurity Cameras Direct. It offers great prices on a huge selection of security cameras and related products.  Visit its site at and see some great deals possible.


Today is the start of parties for December that I am supposed to attend. We have an official activity today at my mother station and at the same time a "despideda" party to an officemate who is retiring in December 31.  Tomorrow, we will have again a party at our Regional Office until December 12. Wow, eating times are here. I should be on watch with my diet.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Children and adults alike nowadays are hooked to computer games and they spend much time on it. I have an officemate who always complains about her child who spend most of his free time in malls to play his favorite online omputer games. Aside from computer games, there is another internet craze now that will help develop the imagination and will improve the reading ability and comprehension of children. This site is It is an online reading site where children can read their anime stories characterized by their fvorite anime characters. This is an online comics full of action, adventure and fantasy. They will truly enjoy reading all the exciting read bleach chapters.  


I have been singing today during our choir practice without any vocalization.As a result my throat was strained and I am sligthly hoarsed voice. I have weak, scratchy or husky voice now.

I searched on the proper treatment for hoarse voice. In my research it says that complete voice rest is mandated (such as no talking, coughing, straining, whispering, laughing, etc. If talking is absolutely necessary, talk much like one would if the person is directly in front of you in the lobby of a library, but do NOT whisper. Talk in a quiet, low pitch. Do NOT whisper or try to talk such that you aim for a normal voice which would further risk damaging your voice. Remember, rest your voice and drink plenty of liquids.

Monday, December 8, 2008


You know what's new in the webmail today? A new zimbra powered webmail is in now and it is You won't anymore problem about slow traffic because this webmail is open for registration within United States only so you will not worry for foreign traffic and you will be provided with unlimited storage, fully customized preferences and mobile access and you can add external accounts. So, what are you waiting for? Join Today! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When I got sick I admit one factor why I got sick is attributed to my lack of regular exercise. I don't like to be sick most of the times, so I resolved to make a way to make exercise through my favorite sports, table tennis. Yesterday, I let the carpenter come and make the table tennis stand. I have an extra wood board here and I will utilize it as our table tennis board. Later, I will buy table tennis sports set so I and my kids can start playing. I can teach them to play table tennis in the process. 


I am excited about this site I have bumped into that offers Personalized Gifts  by transforming any picture into art with over 50 photo art styles to choose from.  One has the option to print the pictures on canvas art or printing the photos on art paper or art print. The site is and it can produce art on stretched canvas, rolled canvas, framed art print or even art posters at a very affordable price. For more information, read this:

Press Release:


-- Just a Few Minutes of Fun to Create, and Less than a Week to Receive From -- 

LINDENHURST, NY, Dec. 3, 2008 – Holiday shoppers looking for low cost, original and thoughtful last minute gift can turn their best photos of precious moments, people and places into one-of-a- kind photo artwork at 

Photofiddle offers numerous styles for both contemporary and conservative tastes. Simply upload and recreate a typical 3" x 5” snapshot into a compelling canvas piece or framed on archival photo paper in virtually any size. With over 70 instant designs from pop art to impressionist to choose from online, any photo design can be instantly shared with friends and family members in digital form, prior to ordering. And, because fiddling with several dozen designs and styles is lots of fun, gift certificates are available online, so recipients can fiddle their own photos for themselves. 

With prices starting as low as $14.95 there is Photofiddle artwork available for any budget. Order by Dec. 18 in time for receipt before December 25. 

PhotoFiddle, headquartered in Melville, New York, which PC Magazine gave 4 stars, on the Oprah O list, offers 4 day turnaround on customized photo-artwork that users design online, at far less cost than custom framers or home design professionals. For more information visit: 
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I am happy to hear people getting married but I am not happy to hear young teens getting married. One of the youth leaders in my workstation went to me asking if she still qualify as a youth leader since she got married recently and was four months preggy. She is just 17 years old. Well, her pregnancy and marriage will not affect her leadership but I just urge her to continue on her studies.


The video is my entry to the sumobackupblog on Data Loss Horror Stories. This story happened when my computer bogged down containing all the election documents I was supoosed to submit to the national government for data banking at the national level because the elections was a nationally funded one. Since my computer bogged down, I lagged behind in the submission of the reports. I would not want the same thing to happen all over again, when there is a measure for it to be avoided.


I woke up to a beautiful day. In contrast to yesterday, the sun is up and the skies are clear blue. Thanks for the sunlught because my son's bed need to be dried outside as the rain coming from his window soaked his bed. I hope this weather continues throughout the day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pairs of eyeglasses whether prescribed by an opthalmologist or whether it is just for eyefashion wear are soaring up in its prices. I know this because when I bought a pair of eyeglasses for my mother, after the eye specialist examined my mother's eyes she prescribed eyeglasses that was worth a considerable amount. Well, we were left with no option but to buy because we were already there. Little did I know that there are eyeglasses that are of a quality product but are  too cheap in prices.

I am referring to Zenni Optiocal eyeglasses that has been featured in the Fox News and recently these cheap optical glasses were featured at Chicago Tribune.  Zenni Optical has revolutionized the eyeglasses industry with its cost effective pricing on its selling of stylish prescription glasses online from $8. They have a variety of frames for you to choose from, from eyeglasses with single vision lens to sunsensorlens, from tinted sunglasses lens to bifocal lens and to eyeglasses with progressive lens. The very cheap price of its eyeglasses is owing to the fact they manufacture and sell their own eyeglasses and frames direct to its customers, leaving no middleman to pay for whch can add to the costing of the price of eyeglasses if there was such. so, if you are going to buy a new eyeglasses, try to visit online at and by yourself a cheap but quality eyeglases.


December 3 already and I am anticipating a very busy week ahead. I have a training on December 16 and I have to prepare a lot of things for that training. This will be the last for this year and after that a series of Christmas parties will ensue. So guys, please bear with me if I can't visit your sites. When I am home, my body just wants to rest so I seldom can bloghop. Promse, when I have free time, I will see you all in my blog roll.    


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What's An Ogie Kanogie?

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Between living in San Diego and the desert of Arizona, the group knows well the
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The idea was to create the perfect line of coats and jackets. They had to be soft and exceedingly
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She lives in Phoenix, Arizon


I have a very poor network connection. The intermittent disruption is so inconvenient because sometimes it gets disconnected at a time when I am trying to grab a task form PPP. Lost big pay outs becuase of this. This has been goin on for days. There are only two network connections to choose from in my place.   I will see what I can do with this present network connection. 


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...