Friday, December 19, 2008


I am sad for the many filipino overseas workers who were sent home from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan and in many other parts of the world as a result of the streamlining of posistions by companies who were affected by the economic crisis. Some of them went home with only a few monies left due to the unexpected termination. I know they are happy to be with their families but the offshoot of this would not be good as they will belong to the unemployed sectors of the society. I know they will cope, as filipinos are great with coping during hard times.


Tey said...

I heard about this and I am so sad. Scared too that Canada will soon hit by this worls economic crisis..
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Angeline said...

its awful to hear such news... that people are forced to do things against their will in order to survive....

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Marie said...

it happens most in some Asian countries... also in the US. There are like 500,000 people that are now unemployed. i hope things will be better soon.

Cecile said...

very sad news :-(, hope they will find job hubby is going to lose his job next month, too!