Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When I was a little kid and my brothers and sisters were going to school, how I always wished that I was going to school, too. I love to see them read their books at home, recite a declamation and sing their classroom songs. I mimic their oral reading and I was so amused they could read and write. There were even two pages in my brothers book that he used to read aloud that I memorized. I boasted to my father that I know how to read but he laughed when he noticed that I was holding the book upside down.

My father sensed the eagerness in me to learn, so he taught me how to write and he read to me books and magazines. He read to me magazines that developed my creativity, imagination and reading comprehension. My father was a good teacher and his reading instrument was the Children's Highlights Magazine. He passed on to me his hobby of reading Highlights. I could say that like him, I Was A Highlights Kid, too.  I remember he would read to me in the porch using the lamp because there was no electric power, yet or maybe if there was my parents could not afford to pay.  My brothers and sisters are avid readers of Highlights, too. Now, I am so glad I was a reader of Hihglight magazine because it honed my verbal ability and reading comprehension as my father would ususally ask us questions regarding what we read. 

In the present world, parents should inject to their children the value of reading magazines and not just purely bystanding over the computer for games. Highlight Magazine is a good educational resource.

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