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This is for women out there. The changing weathers call for a change in your wardrobe. It is time to switch to winter clothes. I f you think you need to buy new clothes for any temperature and occasion, you can shop online at For this winter, you can check out on their long coats, short jackets, heavy coats and lightweight coats for women with versatile style, great looking and go with everything. Their women's clothing products are machine washable and are reasonably priced. You can shop now at Ogie Kanogie and you won't worry paying for the shipping charges becuase it is free. Buy now.

Press Release:

What's An Ogie Kanogie?

Buying Clothes in a Tough Economy
While it seems everyone has put frivolous purchases on hold, two moms have launched a new business that
comes just at the right time for thinner pocketbooks. is a new line of women's clothing that's hitting the market with an impressive collection of
14 coat styles.

The Ogie Difference
Affordability: $130-$260 with online promo codes available for a percentage off.
Versatility: Take 'em out on the town or out on the bleacher seats.
Machine Wash-Say NO to dry cleaning!
Quality: Made in the USA.
The Feel: Most styles are so super-soft you'll want to wear them 24/7.
Stylish: Compliments will abound.

So...What's an Ogie?
Ogie Kanogie owners Jamie Hormel and Massiel Bueno spent the last couple of years designing coats and
jackets that would fit their busy lifestyles. The two moms-friends since childhood-included their kids every
step of the way, gathering their input on styles, fit, fabrics and even the company name.

Between living in San Diego and the desert of Arizona, the group knows well the
bone chilling evenings and the cool overcast mornings by the shore. They got tired of freezing in restaurants,
feeling like icebergs in movie theaters and visiting indoor malls set at subzero temperatures.

The idea was to create the perfect line of coats and jackets. They had to be soft and exceedingly
comfortable. They wanted to be able to wear them anywhere-sitting in the sand, on the grass or in the
bleacher seats. Yet, the coats had to look great on the college campus, in the countryside or in the greatest
cities of the world. In other words, Ogies had to be machine washable, durable, versatile and great looking.

Ogie Owners Consider Economy & Unemployment
Jamie and Massiel also wanted their products to be reasonably priced, so everyone could have the perfect
Ogie for any occasion, all year long. Among all of their priorities, Jamie and Massiel thought it important to
have Ogies made in the USA, doing their part to help keep jobs here. Every Ogie pattern is cut and sewn in
Los Angeles, California. Jamie and Massiel are proud to offer superior quality at reasonable prices in today's

Next up:
Ogie Hoodie Dresses are coming soon!

Massiel Bueno is a mother of two and resides in Los Angeles, CA. When she's
not working you can usually find her surfing.

Jamie Hormel is a mother of three kids, five dogs, a pot bellied pig, two miniature goats, and some horses.
She lives in Phoenix, Arizon

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