Sunday, January 11, 2009


Do you know somebody or do you have a family member that is afflicted with autism? If you don't know what autism is, autism is a physical condition that affects the brain's normal development of a child. It affects the social and communication skills of a child and this development disorder appears in the first three years of a child. If you need help with autism and you want to be abreast of its symptoms and treatments or you want to know further how autism is asociated with other development disorders like Aspergers or Fragile X,  well you will know about all these at Autism Support Network. This is an online site that you will not only learn the symptoms, treatments and other informations about autism but you can connect with other families and individuals who are going through the same dilemma. Currently, there is no medicine that treats the underlying problem of autism. There are emerging treatments for autism however, all of these do not have scientific support. If your or your friends child has autism, it will be so  helpful to stay in touch with other parents of children with autism and autism specialists and together follow the progress of research being conducted in this area. Join Autism Support Network at to be a member of the community of people helping one another, fostering an exchange of ideas and knowledge as a resource guide  for treatments , strategies and therapies for autism. 

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