Friday, January 9, 2009


I have long been visiting other blogger sites and I just wondered how and why do they put product advertisements on their sites. It entered my mind then that maybe they are earning out of it.  There are many ways to earn income for one's site and one of which is a by placing items up for auction by sellers, as a unique form of interactive advertising.  Items for auction placed on sites does not only earn more income for the site owner but also for the sellers because they can sell more auction items.  Bidders, too can win more stuff. The website owners earning more money on their sites, bidders winning more stuff and sellers selling more auction items are only possible possible at provides online entrepreneurs with a profitable source of revenue.  How does this works? Well, if you are a website owner, simply add a few lines of code to your website and you’ll add not only a potential revenue stream but you’ll add a complete content-responsive auction that the visitors of your sites can bid without ever leaving your site. 

If you are a seller, simply list your items at Only your item has the potential of being displayed in front of the visitor of the siteowner and not 10s of thousands or more similar items like in big auction sites. Bidders, on the other hand will no longer have to search through millions of items to find your auctioned items. Your items will only be displayed on sites that have ties into your item.  If you are interested, go on list your items at and be able to avail of less fees than other auction sites.


seelan info said...

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Nita said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by :)


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