Sunday, January 18, 2009


I was amused at Rustom Padilla, the very handsome matinee idol and action star who revealed two years ago that he was a gay. Previously he was married to Carmina Villaroel but after three years their marriage was annuled. After his revelation that he was gay, he had no qualms anymore about showing his real self. He studied modelling in New York and his body is that of a sexy model now. He said that Rustom Padilla is now dead and what is alive is Binibini "Bebe" Gandanghari, his new name now. I like his statement that as long as he is not violating the rights and as long as he is not oppressing anybody he will do the best that he can be. I admire him for being a true person.


Dhemz said...

hahah..kakaloka nga te ano..was shock nga when I saw the BUZZ sa TFC...well, he has his rights to do what he wants to do to himself...;)

Tey said...

I wonder what was the caus of her death? AIDS ba?
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