Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Are you a movie fanatic like me? If you are, then I guess you are so updated in the name of movies. Do you know what's new for your movie entertainment? Well, here is a new fascinating movie that will redefine any viewers concepts of reality and perception and will truly be fascinated that extraordinary individuals are achieving the miraculous. This super engrossing movie is What If? The Movie featuring Virginia Ellen by James Sinclair & LWI Pictures. This movie features unique and fascinating interviews with many of today's most intrepid doctors, scientists, visionaries and philanthropists.  Its stunning international cinematography and visual effects, are superb. You know what I have here for you? Yes, I will enjoin you to watch the  What If? The Movie Trailer.

I am fascinated by this movie myself and I want more of it.  Buying a ticket to my favorite theater is my next move however, I am so busy to watch it at the theater and it will cost me a lot to view it with my family. I will watch the movie instead in the comfort of my home with  LimelightSTREAM. This offers the leading-edge in media and entertainment streaming technology, that will allow me to view What If? The Movie instantly directly from my PC. It is so easy as I have a DSL Internet Connection with high quality and full screen.   


SunHappy said...

An amazing film because it focues on who we are instead of just what we can get. The irony is that when we know who we are we can get anything!

SunHappy said...

This movie is incredible! It suggests that we are more than who we think we are and who we think or believe we are was something that was programmed into us. It talks about how to change this and as we do we can be, do and have anything and everything we want and who we are is so much more valuable than what we can get. It's truly profound.

M.Grant said...

What If? The Movie is a truly inspiring, beautiful film for our age! I have seen What If? The Movie numerous times now and I cannot say enough about the feeling of hope and positivity that comes from viewing the film. You can honestly feel new neural pahtways being created! What If? The Movie's creator James A Sinclair, has put together a gorgeous film that will change lives!