Saturday, February 21, 2009


I caught up a few hours of the seminar on Till Debt Do Us Part, today  and one of the topics presented was on how to get out of debt. The speaker was right in saying that if an individual wants to be free of debt, he must be so decided to get out of debt.  I am reminded of an officemate before who have had many debts in different banks and she also had multiple credit card debts. She was more of a businesswoman rather than a government employee because she frequently reports to office tardy and most of the times ahe was absent. Her business fastly flourished until all of a sudden, an unpredictable event happened that fastly grabbed almost all of her properties. Obviously, the capital of her business were borrowed from different banks. Her multiple credit cards accumulated great amount of financial liabilities. As a result, many properties acquired by her were foreclosed by the banks to settle her liabilities. Up to now, the credit card companies are chasing after her because she has no more money and properties to settle. This is a sad plight of an officemate businesswoman who does not know when she will be able to rise again from this deep stumble. At least, her home of abode was untouched by the court sheriff being one that is exempted for attachment in settling financial liabilities. 

I was saying that if a person wants to get out of debt, he should be decided to get out of debt. One thing that he should if he is drowning with debts is to find the best solution that he deems necessary to solve his debt problems. One of the best ways is  debt consolidation,a widely-used term to describe debt repayment plans that allows the combination of monthly payments to creditors into one monthly payment at lower interest rates and other creditor benefits, to get one out of debt as quickly as possible. If you are the one who is to avail of this debt consolidation solution, you will need the services of debt relief service provider like Care One It will help you come up with a credit card debt management plan or a settlement plan.  Care One will make this plan  suited for your needs. Isn' this great help to get you out of debt? 


Prettymom said...

hay i hope i will be debt free before my bday

Angeline said...

having debt is a terrible feeling... its been like that for past 8 years, I'm so glad more than half of mine is cleared... I'm getting to the finishing line, slow though, but surely, I'll be debt-free.


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