Saturday, February 21, 2009


An officemate in my workstation is soon to give birth. She was at my office one time to tell me that I will be the godmother of the baby during its christening. It seems odd, but I am now contracted to be the godmother. Well, I just hope that I am really fit to be a second parent to the baby, which is the essence of being a godmother. She says the baby is a baby boy as they had an ultrasound of the gender of the baby. Next month she is expected to deleiver the baby. As early as now, I should start to look for a christening gift. The thing I have in mind is to give baby clothes as I find it exciting to buy baby clothes. I find it cute and I feel so happy to dress babies. It reminds me of shopping baby clothes for my children, dressing them up and taking pictures of them everytime I don them new clothes. I remember my baby  boys then who were so chubby and they looked very cute and huggable to each one who looks at them. My neighbor used to "borrow" my baby sons to their place and in going home, they are dressed with new clothes my neighbor bought for them. Babies are such a joy to the house. I find the coolest baby clothes online at If you visit its site, you will find a variety of funky baby clothes, funky rompers,  cool creepers,  baby lap tees, toddler clothes, funny baby t-shirts, newborn clothing, infant clothing, cool baby gifts, funny baby clothes, cool baby t-shirts, toddler girl clothes and mnay more. 

I posted a picture here of my chosen infant clothes and it is a Party in my Crib. It is made of high quality, supersoft cotton, with lap shoulder for comfortable dressings and snaps at bottom. 

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