Saturday, February 21, 2009


In these hard  and trying times, the cost of energy is soaring high due to the fact that the technologies introuduced are dependent on oil and fossil fuel products.  In an unending quest for new innovations to utlize the energy coming from the sun and to save on costs on oils, Allin introduces Solar Energy to change this man's dependency on oils, all in one solar solutions. When I was in elementary, I was taught that in science that the sun is the main source of energy. According to Wikipedia, the Free Enclylopedia, solar energy is the radiant light and heat from the Sun that has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar radiation along with secondary solar resources such as wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass account for most of the available renewable energy on Earth. Only a minuscule fraction of the available solar energy is used.

At present solar heat absorbing technologies produce power that is slightly more expensive than wind energy and a bit less expensive than photovoltaic solar panels. Solar solutions are improving every year and in a few years certain types of solar energy solutions are expected to surpass nuclear energy in cost per Mwh.  It is cheaper to use solar energy. Man can profit from cashbacks and tax refunds when solar energy is used for solar cooking boxes, photovoltaic solar panels, solar heat collecting panels, solar heating systems, solar cooling systems, solar gadgets like radios, solar cars, solar-powered desalinators, solar lighting and any more.

Brace yourself with the revolutionization of these solar powered equipment and materials and for an upcoming solar energy supermarket. Consumer ready all in one solar products will be featured. When you use solar energy you can save money with tax incentives, cash rebates and it will certainly reduce your ecological footprint. Let us all watch out for this!

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