Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Saturday, March 28, 2009


March 28, at 8:30 to 9:30PM  is Earth Hour and this will be celebrated worldwide. Folks, don't forget to switch off your computer, your lights, appliances and everything that runs on using fuel as energy. This offer of love for the earth will be done in synchronization by all households, companies in the private and the public sector and all other aggrupations. One hour of no electricity and no energy spent will positively lessen global warming and will help cool the environment that is becoming greatly affected with the emission of gases which causes global warming. Don't forget, folks on March 28, our help will contribute a lot to the protection of our Mother Earth!     

Friday, March 27, 2009


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How forgetful I could be. I have been bloghopping greeting hapi wednesday to each blogger I visited. This is an erratum. I hope you will forgive me for being lost in tracking time. Maybe I was just thinking about having a Wednesday when it is already Friday. Time flies so fast. Have a Hapi Friday, folks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Are you planning to have a cruise this summer or anytime of the year? Why don't you on a Hawaiian Island Cruise. A friend blogger, who recently had an island cruise to hawaii, related that the island cruise was contrary to what she thought to be expensive. It was so affordable. Her family enjoyed the cruise and she siad it was a very organized one.


Gee, I got a call from a freight forwarder. It says I have a package coming from the bank where I applied for a credit card. I hope its the credit card already as I badly need it for my New York trip. If it is then I can already schedule my trip to the US embassy as I was reluctant to go as it maybe one of the documents that maybe asked of me. 

Friday, March 20, 2009


Are you in the process of quitting smoking and is suffering from the withdrawal syndrome? Here is an electronic device called electric cigarette, a non-flammable device with efficacies similar to a traditional cigarette. It is a safe substitution for cigarette that will relieve the suffering of a person who is quitting smoking. Its smoke does not have any toxins as it is declared to be CE and ROHS certified.  If you are bent on quitting smoking, strengthen your determination to quit, bring candies to munch when you feel like smoking.  When it can't be helped, the electronic cigarette is a good subsitute until you have finally withdrawn yourself to smoking . 


There will be another concert at my city again tomorrow, Saturday. This time it is Sheryn Regis, Jed Madela, Bugoy and many other singer performers who will perform at the Convention Center. This will be my second time to watch Sheryn Regis performance. I love to sing that is why I am attracted to singing concerts. I hope to find a good spot where the music speaker is well heard. There are spots in this convention center where you only hear muffled voices and this has somethng to do with the placing of the speakers. Until the last concert I attended, this was not yet remedied by the city.  


I was once asked in a beauty pageant I joined when I was still in college, the question of how would I react, as a woman, if I were offered an engagement ring by my boyfriend? This was to me a very exciting question because just the thought of it thrilled me, already. And so, my answer went this way: "if I were the woman and I love the man I guess I will shed tears of joy and accept the engagement ring. Most especially if the ring is made of diamond stones, I will surely hug my fiance tightly and tell him he mean so much to me, too.  Why I should I not? My grandmother once told me that a diamond engagement ring, more than the sign of a man having some money, means that you are a treasured jewel by your fiance and that he will love you forever. Just like the song that says, "diamonds are forever". This answer gave me the title of Miss Education in the College Education Department I was enrolled in.  

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I will be attending a seminar on Administrative Investigation on March 30-31.  This is a seminar I am looking forward to because there are many updates already on the law guiding administrative investigations which I am not abreast anymore. Too bad, the legislators in the town I am assigned with can not join the said seminar for lack of budget. Anyway, I will just echo to them as part of my technical assistance services functions to capacitate them on this aspect.  


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The badminton play at the neighborhood after 5PM every afternoon will soon resume. It is because my neighbors are mostly health buffs. The road every afternoon near my place will be set up with the badminton net. I like this.  It will be a good time to exercise and lose some more fats in my belly. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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Light days for me at the office this week. I am glad I can make some physical arrangements and make some changes in the office structure. Later, in te afternoon I plan to leave for the bank to inquire if my credit card application have been approved already. For now I have to concentrate on the files at the office and I am going to organize them because I might leave soon, who knows. So, see you guys later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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Monday, March 16, 2009


Do you know Josef Fritzl, the Austrian accused of keeping his daughter Elizabeth imprisoned in his cellar and forcing her to father seven of his children? In a trial today he admited charges of incest, assault and rape. Fritzl is 73 years old already. As expected, I am sure he will languish in jail throughout his lifetime after Fritzl pleas guilty of incest, imprisonment and assault. He wasted the best years of Elizabeths' life whom he deprived liberty for 24 years.  To me, he is a monstrous man and he deserves to be imprisoned for life and even for death.    


I was just blogging about a porn content of a bloghopper that visits my site and I really consider it so despicable because my teener boys bloghop in my stead at times. When I found out about this I wrote a comment on this site to never ever visit my site again. Well, I have no control of this site owner if he will still visit my site again. The best thing I could do is buy this porn detection tool at www.surfrecon.com to really ensure that my kids will be safe from this porn site. This detection tool is not good only for homes but for workplaces as well. This detection tool will avoid a hostile work environment that sometimes occur whenever doubts against co-officemates is cast for being responsible of accessing porn sites.


I could not tolerate anymore the barangay leader who has been committing technical malversation of public funds, arrogance and abuse of authority. His council members were at the office today and I came to know another blunder this barangay leader committed, recently. His offenses are quiet despicable and I should say that this barangay leader has been a recidivist, already. Though it was against my will to advise the council members to file criminal and administrative charges against this leader, I have to for public interest. My office advocates for a comprehensive action to eliminate red tape in the government.  


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Did you ever experienced a bloghopper visiting your sites and when you visit back, you will notice that it has a porn content? This is really very ridiculous and hideous because sometimes my teener boys do the bloghopping for me.  I wrote a comment on that site to never visit my site, ever again. I hope the owner of that site will be responsible enough of her or his actions and will never ever visit my site, again.   

Friday, March 13, 2009


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Graduation day of son has no more conflict with mine. His is March 24 already and not 25. Gee, I guess I can march on the stage during my graduation. Actually, this idea is not anymore appealing to me. I have graduated a lot, for three times already since child, and this will be the fourth. Mother asks, why study? Well, I will re-think it over if I will march or not. 


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We had a meeting after office hours today at KFC to discuss our trip to Suhoton cave. The expenditures, the things to buy and bring and other things to do were also discussed. As we met at a department store , we bought the things we need to buy and cook for the trip. We ended up our meeting with a dinner and we dispersed with each of us bringing the things we need to cook for the early morning trip on Saturday.   

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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I have successfully filed the affidavit of adverse claim for the lot I bought the other year.  Since I can not transfer yet the ownership for that parcel of land because the whole lot is owned by different owners, at least I have a protection now that the lor I bought can not anymore be disposed to others because it is already annotated in the Registry of Deeds that it was already sold to me. When I can borrow the owner's copy of the title, I will have the ownership transferred to my name. The advantage of it now while the land title is not named with me yet, is the real estate tax will still be paid by them, not me. 


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March 25 is the graduation day of my elder. This date coincides with the date of my graduation, too.  I hope that schedules will still change either with him of my school, otherwise, I would have to sacrifice not attending either his or my graduation. For now, I am not conclusive what to prioritize until everything has become final. 


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Monday, March 9, 2009


There are really good Samaritans in this world. I was referring to this morning's incident when I forgot my wallet at home. I had no way to return because I had no money so I called up at the office. My friends worried that I had no fare so they borrowed money and waited till I arrived at the jeepney stop. Its really important to have a good rapport with officemates because when unpredictable things happen, friends like them can be relied upon. 


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I had this very awful experience this morning. Midway to my station in a public utility jeepney, I noticed that I forgot my wallet. I had no money for fare and it was such a shame. Glad that cellfones were invented because I was able to call in my workstation, to let my staff borrow money and wait for me at the place where I alight for the office. I borrowed money for lunch and fare in going back home, too. What a terrible experience.


I am a blogger for over one year and it can not be avoided that I open sites that contains threats of malware, spywares and spam. To add to it, my children also use the computer to download their favorite music files to their MP3 and MP5.  They also open files and download their favorite online games,  that most often than not, containing viruses, malwares and spywares. In these instances, the threats that infect my computer spread out to cause for a few times the bogging down of my computer. Add to it, too is the use of flash drives that contains threats and when used in my computer without an updated antivirus, the virus transfers to my files and worst, to the main operating sytem. For a long time this has been haunting me and maybe other computer owners as well to ensure computer security.

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School will finally be over. After the final examinations this week me and my children will have relaxed days ahead and have a summer vacation. As early as now, I am already thinking of what to summer classes would I give to my children for intellectual and physical development. I will ask them so I will know what their likes are and maybe we could meet halfway.    


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The city government of Tacloban was right in hiring street sweepers rather than buying garbage trucks. The streets now are so clean as there are many street sweepers who are fielded to do it 24/7. I hope ths would be maintained not only because the city is hosting a national sports competition but by habit of cleaning. I hope the people will be act their share, too in helping clean the environment. After all, it is them who are directly affected by the cleanliness.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


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I was watching the ABS CBN featuring Ruffa Gutierrez being interviewed as a victim of domestic violence to her estranged husband. I could relate to this, and like Ruffa it took time before the saturation point was reached and the abuse had to be known. I am following Chris Brown and Rihanna's love or hate story that is smeared with domestic violence, too. As I was reading the search warant and actual affidavit, I could not help but hate Chris Brown for doing such a beastly maltreatment to a woman. Brown needs rehabilitation.   

Thursday, March 5, 2009


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Youngest son will be practicing for their graduation rites starting on Monday. I will be joining my youngest son, too but I don't know when my graduation ceremonies will be. Two graduates in March. I don't know what's up yet after the graduation. Maybe a simple dinner may do after each graduation rites to save money.


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My youngest child is going to take the National Entrance AdmissionTest today. Bet he was kind of excited because he woke up and prepared for school early. He asked for a new pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener. My youngest son is no longer a baby. He is also excited because after the exam, they will no longer hold classes anymore as they will be busy to practice for their graduation rites. How time flies. But first I told him that he has to pass this National Entrance Admission Test as a prerequisite for him to proceed to high school.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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I will be making an Orientation-Workshop seminar to local officials and employees next week regarding the implementation of Anti-Red Tape practices. This orientation seminar is geared towards eradicating or minimizing red tape practices in government transactions through transparent guidelines and requirements posted in each office, streamlined procedures, efficient customer service and many others. My mother office had followed up already when I will do the conduct of capability building activity. Well, I am so busy yet with my studies when this is not supposed to interrupt with my official functions but I am just human. I will do the activity next week. 


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Monday, March 2, 2009


At last, after a restless sunday and sleepless night my paper was finished and submitted to the dean's office in 4 copies. The said number of copies will be distributed to the panelists, the critics during our final defense on Friday.I am glad that everybody paid up his share of expenses during this final defense, otherwise, the sharing of expenses would have gone up. On Wednesday, we will prepare the powerpoint presentation for uniformity of style and we will make a run through in presenting within the group. Whew, student blues! They will always be here till I graduate. 


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...