Friday, March 20, 2009


Are you in the process of quitting smoking and is suffering from the withdrawal syndrome? Here is an electronic device called electric cigarette, a non-flammable device with efficacies similar to a traditional cigarette. It is a safe substitution for cigarette that will relieve the suffering of a person who is quitting smoking. Its smoke does not have any toxins as it is declared to be CE and ROHS certified.  If you are bent on quitting smoking, strengthen your determination to quit, bring candies to munch when you feel like smoking.  When it can't be helped, the electronic cigarette is a good subsitute until you have finally withdrawn yourself to smoking . 


Healthy said...

Great post! Electronic cigarettes are harmless, and an incredible invention! You get the nicotine, but without the 4000+ harmful chemicals that are in regular cigarettes! I can actually breathe now, and I can smoke anywhere regular cigarettes are banned (bars, restaurants, even airplanes!), and I don't have to pay those ridiculously steep tobacco taxes. There's no downside! I found a site that reviews lots of different kinds of e-cigarettes, for anyone considering switching over that wants to learn a little more about them:

And some videos showing how different brands of e-cigs work:

Paige said...

interesting.. I don't smoke but I'm glad to hear that there are cigarette substitutes that are harmless and can help people who are bent on quitting smoking!

Tey said...

well I amglad i dont have to buy this for hubby. He quit smoking since last year.. FINALLY!! lols
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