Monday, March 2, 2009


At last, after a restless sunday and sleepless night my paper was finished and submitted to the dean's office in 4 copies. The said number of copies will be distributed to the panelists, the critics during our final defense on Friday.I am glad that everybody paid up his share of expenses during this final defense, otherwise, the sharing of expenses would have gone up. On Wednesday, we will prepare the powerpoint presentation for uniformity of style and we will make a run through in presenting within the group. Whew, student blues! They will always be here till I graduate. 


NovaS said...

I definitely understand and feel the same way nimo te meldz... no matter where, ug asa imong work, presentation and paperworks [research] will never leave you/us...


Tey said...

well at least you are there again. Isn't it nice to be a student again? Goodluck Imelda
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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's nice to be a student again and little bit hard. But in the end your hard work will pay you back. Keep it up.

Prettymom said...

good luck, I know u can make it. heehehe.. musta na hi mader?

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