Sunday, April 26, 2009


I can't understand people who are full of envy in their bodies. One of the signatories of my certificate of clearance for money and property accountabilities does not like to sign in my clearance. Her reason is so arbitrary for me as she question why my workstation sends me to New York instead of one of their organic employees. Is she bitter that she can not go US? Well, maybe I have to personally talk to her and let her understand that it is beyond her ambit to question the discretion of the chief executive. Besides, the reason for not signing is out of order as the document is a certificate of clearance. If I have a pending money and property accountability, then I guess she has all the reason not to sign the document. I can't understand such attitude and I pity her. 

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Prettymom said...

hmmm.. naawa la ton ha im kay makadto ka ha new york.. im sure of that