Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As I was walking down the streets of New York with friends, I came to see furnitures dumped along side the road as garbages. Gosh, what an insult! They were beautiful furniture sets than what I have at home but, they were being disposed! I can't allow this. I promised that I have to buy a new furniture set for the house. I also need a new Office Furniture. I love the modern contemporary furnitures at Spacify.com. Its furniture has unique shapes and also have trendy looks and unique choice of material and style. Your choice of furniture at Spacify.com will do all the talking for you. I like this sofa at www.spacify.com. 


RoseLLe said...

You better visit Singapore... just before Chinese New Year when people there buy new things (for prosperity and luck) and dump thier old (but in good condition) ones. Yung iba talaga namumulot :) sayang eh!


Tey said...

It looks conservative but stylish. It's easy to buy big items like furniture online because it will be deliver right infront of your door.
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