Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I got back from New York, I was informed by the local chief executive in my workstation that he had been trying to reach me through my cell phone but he wondered why he could not connect to me. Unfortunately, when I was in New York I bought a new cell phone. Neither one in my work station knew about my new number because I never attempted to text or call any of them.  He told me he was trying to reach me as he would send money and he would request me to buy a new Rolex Watch for him.  I was sorry that I did not inform about my new number while I was in New York but, on second thoughts it was good that I was not able to get his call. I don't know his likes of watches. I would rather show him the site of, where he can view a variety of Rolex Watches and he can see the images of the watches by himself.   Best of Time offers genuine Rolex watches at substantial discounts at a manufacturer's suggested retail price. All Of the sold Rolex Watches here are 100% genuine certified and authentic. It has a 3 year warranty and free fedex shipping. He would be happy once I get to show him this site and he would be truly happy to buy his favorite Rolex Watch.

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