Monday, July 20, 2009


Today I was being bugged by barangay leaders to prepare for them the activity design for the study tour to Bohol. They have been requesting me to do this since two weeks ago. Well, Bohol is inviting because it is one of the places in the Philippines that is well-travelled by tourists from local and international places. It is famous for its Chocolate Hills. Bohol is the native place of my mother. Maybe, tomorrow I can not anymore escape from this request by them. I shall have to make it for them and for sure I can go with them, too to Bohol.  I hope not to go. But, it is so soon to decide, yet. 


unlisted_one said...

hi there,..thanks for visiting my blog. U have a really cute blog here. I like your style of writting,..simple and sweet.

Rossel said...

gusto kong makarating sa bohol. sana next year pag nakaipon na ko.

Myrna said...

We went their also before sis! it was so fun! enjoy there.

Tey said...

sarap naman, I feel so guilty leaving my country without seeing the chocolate hill
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eden said...

you have to go sis.. Bohol is a lovely place. we were there during our last holiday for 4 days and it was so much fun.