Sunday, November 15, 2009


My favorite boxing idol Manny Pacquiao beat his opponent again in a boxing bout with Miguel Cotto.  I was happy to watch the replay of the boxing bout. The filipinos are again victorious at this feat of Pacquiao. There was a betting in my brother's area and he won because he posted his bet for Pacquiao.  I can't imagine a filipino posting a bet for Cotto, but my brother says there is and he is glad because he won over friends who posted bet for Cotto.


emotera said...

go pacquiao! were very proud of you! btw, care to exlink sis? have already added u in my blogroll. hope we can visit each other often. i love your posts and ur theme too!

the site is

analou said...

I went to a friend's house Mel to watch the fight. I was indeed a very interesting fight. I was nervous and shaky when the first round started.

Pacman we're proud of you.

eden said...

we, filipinos here are so proud of him. one of our local clubs live telecast the fight and most filipinos here were flocking there.