Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I truly admire Prince William's genuine concern for the homeless. To feel the homeless plight he experienced how it is to feel sleeping in a London street. At this season of the year where it is so cold and freezing, it is indeed so hard for the homeless to sleep in the freezing condition. I wish that he will be a god leader when it his time to reign over Britain already. Here in my place I see homeless people, too. They sleep on the streets. I don't know what they do when it's raining but I guess it's too difficult for them.  I wish one day the government will find a relocation house for them.


chubskulit said...

I agree ate, just wanna wish you and your boys a merry Christmas.

Tey said...

Merry Xmas here Imelda. Have a great one
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eden said...

Wishing you and to your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Thanks for the visit

elge said...

I also salute to Prince William. He has his mother's heart...