Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Looking for somebody to take care of your baby or your elderly family member? Well, you have got to be sure that the person you are going to entrust the care and attention of your loved one is someone you can trust and rely upon. There are online services that offers babysitting but you have to be extra meticulous whom to hire. It is best to compare nanny websites first before contracting any babysitter. Ensure only the best for your loved one.


I had ballroom dancing in the first night of my training. I loved it because I was able to shed excessive sweat, which for a long time, I did not experience. My body needs regular exercise but I deprived it because of too much work in the office and failing health. Spending a few minutes of physical exercises each day shall be my New Year's Resolution. I will start it tomorrow, and this I promise.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I was with my son at the mall yesterday afternoon. Even if it was Christmas day, there were still a lot of people and they were everywhere in the mall. Supposedly, I and my son will watch a movie, however, we were discouraged because of the long queue of movie goers in the ticket counter. We instead promenaded around the mall. In the department store, I was able to buy toys and other gift items for people I forgot to buy gifts with. At the toy section, there was a toy airplane flying high up in the air. It is so beautiful and it attracts boys and girls who were with their parents to buy it. Even the adults are amused at the flying toy airplane. I recall that it is very similar to the Remote Control Jets UK online store is offering. In this site there are a lot of other toy items to choose from. There are remote controlled toys bikes, motorcycles, remote boat, cars, helicopters, and planes. It also sells its spare parts. Any of my grandchildren will surely be happy if I buy any of these items as my gift to either of them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A few more days and it will be year 2011 already. I will be adding a number to my age, again. I still have plans in life this year that did not materialize. It is already impossible that I will be able to achieve my plans this year, with a little more days left. Anyway, I will try to make my other plans possible next year. I hope luck will be with me next year.


Do you know of a very versatile wear that is used by most working people, nowadays? Well, I am referring to the scrubs outfits that you have seen worn by medical doctors, nurses, midwives, other medical personnel, children and adults alike. A scrub, especially a cotton scrub is very comfortable and is roamy to wear that the wearer will not feel being restricted with his movements. It can be worn with regular clothes under it.

I was mistaken with my impression then that scrubs are worn by medical professionals only. In the site linked here, one who wants to buy scrubs can choose from a wide array of scrubs. One can also buy white lab coat for the laboratory. Right now, I am reminded that I have to buy a lab coat for my elders' son laboratory subject.


To me, christmas is not complete without gift giving. I truly appreciate the project gift giving of my favorite tv channel to cancer patients. I was touched by this very noble and charitable project as to me the very people who need gifts and attention, are the sick and the poorest. In my station, I proposed a gift giving to the poorest families before the celebration of Christmas party. Tomorrow, we will distribute our gifts hoping that with just a little amount of the gift, the poor families will be happy with the thought that they are remembered.


There are a lot of occasions to celebrate and to attend to each year. Most of the times, occasions are celebrated through a festive party with invited family members and friends. There is a birthday party, christening or baptismal party, wedding party and anniversaries, victory party, housewarming party and many other parties and each time, it is tiresome to prepare for whatever occasion. ThereIt is not easy to prepare for parties but there is an online party supply store that sells almost everything one needs for whatever party. With just a click of a mouse one can get what he needs. The variety of party supplies at this online store will save time and effort than if one buys any of these stuffs in malls and or boutiques. So, for your party needs, do not go anywhere else. Get them here at the link provided above.


Gee, I was surprised to know that this site has now a page rank 2. I never expected that I will be given such a Christmas surprise by google. Thank you, google. Hoping that my other sites will be given a higher page rank, too.

Friday, December 10, 2010


After long tiring days of work, it is advisable to relax and enjoy nature once in awhile and be away to forget the stresses of work.  There are many places to go to do the relaxation and be alone with nature. One can spend a few days or nights away in log cabins. I wonder how it is to be away from my bed and spend it in a log cabin. I have never experienced such kind of leisure place. If I were to schedule my family's next trip, I surely would want me and my kids to spend hours and days at a log cabin. I am so sure that my kids can't wait to be away on a vacation if I tell them about log cabins. They are as adventurous as me.  Well, if I get the slightest opportunity to go on vacation, log cabins will be our next accommodation. 


I met friends from my previous station yesterday at the mall. It felt good to be reunited with them after many years. We talked for a long time at a coffee shop. How I wish I had my camera with me so we could have picture taking. We decided to watch a movie but since most of us have already watched the movies in the theaters, we decided to just promenade around the mall and sit again for a long chat. We lingered for three hours in the mall. Many things have happened to their lives and so as with me. When we parted ways we exchange numbers so we can still hear from each other. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gee, the icons in my blogger post box is back. I thought I would never see the icons again as it got lost for a long time but now it is already restored. When the icons got lost I really had a hard time composing tasks with links. I am happy that it is over and now my icons are back. I will now find it easy to post tasks with links. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It is rainy season once again. Occasionally, the sun comes out but there are more rainy days than sunny days. It has been the practice in most households that during rainy seasons the curtains needed to be changed from heavy and thick draperies to light material made of curtains. During summer time, the curtains needed to be light for the reason that the temperature is hot. At home, it is best to keep shade from the rays of the sun. One way to deflect the heat is to use Made to measure venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are easy to clean with than the curtains that entail more time to dry.    


One of the very important tasks in the office that I have to do for this month is already finished. This morning I conducted the election of the League of Barangay officers. There were some glitches before the registration on the part of some participants but these were nevertheless addressedand given consideration. The election ran smoothly and I am thankful that the losers conceded peaceably. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Every Christmas season is a holiday looked forward to by most people. There is something in Christmas that makes young and adults alike excited. For some, maybe it is the reunion with family members and get together with friends that are looked forward to.  There is also that hope for some that Christmas is a preparation for Christ's coming and that the birth of Jesus is a big reminder of God's love for mankind. Parties will abound everywhere and it will be so enticing to eat. It is not a cause of worry if one gains weight as there are measures to lose unwanted weight. In the net, there is this diet loss supplement with safe and effective ingredients.  It is safe to take and it is guaranteed to have fast action. So, after the holiday season that you gained more weight, be ready to always be diligent in losing weight.  

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am glad that water has been restored in my place. However, early in the morning we had to hire a person to fetch water for us. I just hope that the water interruption was due to the rumored booster pump located in the town after my city installed to boost the flow of water to household connections.  It is really a big inconvenience to have no water to be used in all household chores. A neighbor who just came on vacation from San Francisco witnessed the absence of water running on their pipelines. They inquired from us whether it always happens like this. I understand their inconvenience because even if I and my family go on a vacation and we are housed in a hotel, the first thing that I inquire aside from the good hygiene of the place is ample water supply. Good if the accommodation is in York Hotel because one does not have to worry about water interruption and for sure water will not be an issue in here. The York Hotel provides amenities for the comfort and convenience of its transients. My neighbor must be happy now that water is back, again and this time I noticed that water pressure is high. It must be true then that the booster pump is already working.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Gosh, there is no water running in our pipelines until now that is already past midnight. I do not know what seem to be the problem. If water does not gush out from the pipelines, there will be no water in our faucets for our consumption. If that happens, early morning tomorrow we will fetch water in the wells outside our subdivision.I hope the water company will fix whatever the problem is with its distribution pipes.

Friday, October 29, 2010


My living room has long been sporting this old furniture that we have. Lately, I saw a small tear on the edge of the sala set and so I told my daughter jokingly if she could buy for us a new living room furniture set. She is not sure yet if she can buy it this year because she is currently paying her insurance premiums and her motorcycle monthly amortizations. This longing to have new living room furniture will hopefully materialize next year. If my daughter cannot buy it, I will buy it myself. The kind of furniture that I like to buy is a wooden one. I will put mattresses on it and throw pillows. The old leather living room furniture set that I have now can still be refurbished so I will bring it to an upholstery furniture shop. When it is finally looking new, I already have in mind a good arrangement for it in the living room. For now, I shall have to contend with this old furniture set. For the coming Christmas holidays, the old living room furniture will continue to be the background for our family picture. I may buy new seat covers for them in order to somehow look new.


Children today have less physical exercises than the children of the past generations. They stay at home doing nothing but play favorite computer games, and or watch tv and so they sweat less. My sons are like it, too whenever they are at home, instead of playing basketball or other outdoor games with friends, their turf are playing computer games and chatting with online friends. When I am fully recovered I will start brisk walking exercises every morning with them. This way, they can exercise together with me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Do you complain of back pains every after sitting even for a short time? It may be due to the way you sit,it may be due to your seat or it may be due to an illness. To avoid this inconvenience, especially if you are in the office or at home where you sit for a long period of time, it is better to seek a remedy to this problem. Seek a medical professional and find a seat that will not aggravate your back pains. If you want to know where to find a seat that will help solve your back pains, you may visit at Not only does it offer chairs for back pain but it also offers a wide range of office chairs like computer chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs, mesh office chairs, leather office chairs, executive office chairs, big and tall office chairs, small/petite office chairs and many other chairs. Buying any of these stuffs is just so easy. Just buy any of them online. If you choose to buy the chairs for your back pain, you will be amazed at how it will work wonders for your back. You will have no more complains of back pains.


Our immediate neighbor is obviously watching horror movies because occasionally we could hear shrills from them. My family is also watching movies and we shrill out, too. When I went outside, we both laughed when we both revealed that we were both watching movies. We promised to exchange DVDs after we are through with each movie.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you want to run a business? Well, if you feel you are lucky enough this year to run a business, you can incorporate in your business a coffee shop. Why not? Most people enjoy, in any time of the day, coffee in their diet. I have even seen in hotel aisles, in meat shops, in department stores, in laundry shops and in almost any commercial establishments that they have coffee makers. I am sure a best espresso coffee maker or any other coffee makers will be a best buy for any business that will be opened. If you do not know where to look for the coffee makers, there is an online e-commerce shop that provides coffee, beans, machines, tea and many others. There is a coffee shop in the mall where I and my friends enjoy lingering. We stay there for a chat and we bring our laptops so we can enjoy surfing the net when we want to. Chatting over a cup of coffee makes us talk about many things. We even get to meet new friends in the coffee shop. Coffees are also for people on the go. So, if you have coffee machines, it could be an added benefit to your business.


I always get to receive emails that I am sure are spam. The mail senders appear to be known contacts and some are even close friends and families. However, I feel suspicious already when I am advices to click on a link. I immediately delete the email without opening the link. It is very iomportant to be cautious in opening emails because there are unscrupulous people who are brilliant enough to detect passwords and usernames. So, guys out there be careful, too. Don't fall prey to spam emails to avoid identity theft.


My friend in Las Vegas is planning to go home in April of next year. She phoned in last month to tell me about their family's plan to have a clan reunion by the time they arrive. She also wanted us to go to some interesting places in the country. I said I wanted to explore the Palawan area or the Bohol area because I have not been to these places. Well, it sounds a good idea to her. However, last week she called me up saying her hubby met a car accident and they needed a lot of money for the medicines and operation. Her hubby was badly hit in the car accident. Money is a big problem to her now. I told her if they have such services offered by Arizona Auto Lenders it could be a big help to her. She can have a short term loan for up to $100,000 if she has a car title and she gets to have the car. Of course, it is not the car wrecked in the car accident. My friend has a new car and she will inquire about it in her place.


Thanks heavens I am feeling better, now. I will be resuming work soon. I am glad that there are two non-working holidays in November because at least I can rest for two more days. It has always been a good deal to be resting at home but there are times when I can't help but be bored. Lying in bed is such a boring thing to do. Blogging is no-no thing for me to avoid a relapse. Soon, when I am fully recovered I will start to be active again in blogging. Meet you guys, soon.


This coming last two days of the month, which falls on a Saturday and Sunday and in November 1 and 2, which happen to be non-working holidays, people have ample days to spend time promenading and or shopping in malls. The malls are always ready for these days in anticipation for many shop goers and onlookers. For stalls in boutiques and in department stores it is best then to have a good presentation of their products. Good presentation attracts customers and this can be seen as a big opportunity for its sales representatives to market its products. A good presentation requires attractive arrangements of products in a retail display case. A good retail display case enables customers to immediately see what they are shopping for. For store owners, it is very important to have showcases of its products. There are a lot of showcases to choose from for its products. There are glass showcases, jewelry showcases, wrap counters, trophy displays and many others. It is even best to own a showcase, which has a showcase light that will enhance the products in any glass display. Lighted showcase displays illuminates and enhances the beauty arrangement of displays. For store and boutique owners, are you ready for these coming holidays?


After the barangay and SK elections, it is time to prepare for the November 1 and 2 All Saints and All Souls Day. As early as now, people go to cemeteries to prepare these days by by cleaning and painting the perimeters of the tombs. Some have shrines that look like big houses for their tombs. Others have to drive away families of informal settlers that occupy the shrines they have build for the tomb. For me, I have to buy white paint so my brother can paint the tomb that houses my late father and grandmother. It is a tradition for the family to go there every November 1 and 2. We bring flowers and candles and offer prayers for them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today is the last day of filing of candidacy for candidates in the synchronized barangay and SK elections. My office has limited participation in the elections; however, after the officials shall have been proclaimed and after they have assumed their respective positions, my office will be involved considerably in giving capability and capacity building activities to the newly elected officials. I will be looking then for a very appropriate venue for the training of barangay officials. If Oriental Brighton were only near, it is an ideal place to conduct live-in trainings. It has a bed and breakfast accommodation, it has a parking lot nearby, it is near the cosmopolitan area, and it has a beach within 40 yards. I wish I could find a place similar to this. The place is not only good for training venues, but it is as well a good place to spend weekend breaks and midweek holidays. For my trainings, I will be looking for similar accommodations so that the participants will enjoy their stay away from the comfort of their respective homes. Time flies that before I know it, the officials will be installed in their respective offices. By then, I could have resumed work after my leave of absence.


It has been awhile since I last updated this blog. I miss my friends in the blogosphere already. One day, I will be physically fit to visit and update all my sites. For now, I can only post and close my computer right after posting. Socialization with friends is limited. Thanks to the loyal friends who come by despite me not returning their visits. May you always be in good health and thank you so much.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I sometimes wonder why there are people who really love to move from one place to another. There are people who love to stick in one place from birth until their death. Moving is not an easy task, for sure, this maybe the reason why those people who love to stick in one place settle to live permanently in one place. However, for some, they enjoy moving because of climate acclimatization; some opt to retire and settle in one place for economic reasons; some move because of job transfer and some move because of reasons only privy to them. Well, for whatever reasons they may have for moving, anybody can move from one place to another now because the hassles of moving can now be cushioned. There are moving companies like the seabrook tx that can be a lot of help when moving things like furnitures, books, home appliances, home decorations and artifacts without worrying that things may not be of good condition when they get to the place of destination. For sure many have already availed of their services since their operation.They offer 100% satisfaction for their services. Hmm, this is worth a try. What do you think?


I had a visitor today at home. My previous staff in the office came by with his wife and 6-month old little boy. How time flies. They just got married last December and I was one of the wedding sponsors and now their baby is 6 months old already. His wife was pregnant at the time of their wedding. I was amused with their child because he saw food at our table and he was mumbling words like ma-mam meaning eat. I fed him with the squash, I mashed the squash and he really enjoyed eating. They left after an hour because they had to go to church, yet. I wish next time they can stay longer.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I do not know why there are missing icons in my blogger dashboard. This has been going on for days. I don't have the video, image and other icons. I do not know how to fix this. Besides, I do not use yet the icons here so it is not much of a hassle to me, yet. Anybody, who can teach me to restore back the icons here? Your help will be much appreciated.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Now, that I have a new computer printer in the office, I am planning to talk it out withe budget officer that before the end of the year I will have a new computer office chair. I learned that another department purchased computer units and computer office chairs so maybe I could hitch, too. The existing computer chair in the office is already dilapidated so I badly need a new one. I like one that has a reclining function and one that has a sturdy build. It need not be so expensive as long as it is durable and comfortable to sit on. When the new airconditioner shall have been installed in the office, the new computer office chair will match in the room. How I wish the workplace I am assigned with has a big budget in its operations, however since it is very dependent still with the national government for its revenues, I understand their predicament why they can not easily provide all offices with the office equipment needed. But, in due time I know it can provide for all offices.

Monday, September 20, 2010


It has been a year since I renovated the house and my next plan was to replace my old furnitures with new ones. I wanted to replace the dining set and the sala set with something different to enhance more the beauty of the house to match the new curtains and new paintings. However, since I have no money yet to buy what I need, I just contend myself first with looking in the net with the kind of Furniture I would buy whenever I have the money already. I have looked and selected for the kind of furniture that I like. It surely is a match to my new refurbished house interiors. There are a lot of furniture to select at in the site I accessed. If you are interested to know what site I am referring to, why don't you click on the link here? You will know what I am saying once you see this site. And, you will also know that the prices of the furniture are just reasonable enough. One will have good value for his money for the furnitures bought at this site. My taste in furnitures may be like yours, so why don't you try it?


Geez, I am receiving opportunities in my dashboard but whenever I click on it to reserve, it says I do not meet the opportunity requirements for the post. I do not know what seems to be the problem. I am happy though that I can take tasks now from this advertiser unlike before when my dashboard was really so empty of tasks. I got to post another task now so off I go to make it first.


Everyone dreams of owning a business of his own? Why not? Once somebody becomes a business owner, he is the master of his own time, he has the command of his employees in everything and he has the say in all the transactions regarding his business. He can build his own website, design a custom business card, build a marketing strategy that will be effective for his business. Decision-making is tough though, for a business owner, but he must be a risk taker in order to succeed.With regards to making a custom business card, there is a site that can be accessed in order to make an impressive custom business card. He only has to click on the link here and voila, he will be brought to a site where he can choose from an array of business cards and customize it according to his taste. So, peeps out there, if you are planning to manage your own business, you will now have a guide as to where to go whenever you would wish to have a business card. Who knows, the good luck to your business success may be hidden in the business card you are going to make?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As you will notice, I have not been visiting you back in your sites. It is because the network company has not yet restored the network connection in my area. I can sleep early and wake up early now because my computer is being put to rest when there is no internet connection. Hope to see you guys, later.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The -ber month has just started. In the air there is already the feeling of Christmas because Christmas songs are played in the radios and in the televisions. Their are television shows that feature Christmas decorations, gifts and Christmas food. Speaking about food, this is the most important thing for me during Christmas. Christmas parties are held here and there and everywhere. People get invited to many Christmas parties and the result is they get to eat foods and drink beverages and alcoholic drinks that make the tummy bulge. The problem now comes in when indigestion is experienced and worst is if hypertension and other ailments are felt as a result of over eating and gaining weight. But now, losing weight is easy. There are exercises that make one lose weight or one can take diet pills. Of course, it is not good to take diet pills, like Lipozene without doctor's prescription. There is even an unfounded scam about the Lipozene drug that it is not effective but it is the doctor who knows best. So, if one wants to lose weight see a doctor before anything else.


My day started so early in the office signing the passbooks we made for the Bayanihan Centers of the Bayanihan Savings Replication Project for authenticity purposes. The project is a flagship program of my office in order to instill the value of saving among community members and as a way to alleviate poverty. I have been roaming around all component barangays with another community organizer in my workplace to organize Bayanihan Centers and we have so far organized 32 Bayanihan Centers. Officers were elected per Bayanihan Center and we will be holding a federation election on September 3. I plan for the federation officers to handle the savings cooperative that I will organize with the help of the Cooperative Development Authority. Hopefully, the savings from each Bayanihan Center will be kept safe in the savings cooperative to be manned by trustworthy and competent staff under the supervision of the Cooperative Development Office, which I will propose to be created in the municipal government I am assigned with . This will be my legacy in this town before I get transferred to another workplace.

Monday, August 30, 2010


It is understandable that parents in my workplace are prohibiting their little children from playing in the school playground. Why not? Aside from the fact that there is a high risk of their children being bitten by mosquitoes causing the dengue fever, which a number of children have been reported positive of dengue fever, the school playground facilities are not safe to play at. The slide they have in the school near my office is made up of cement that has a rough finish on the portion of the slide itself. Once a child sits and slides on it, his pants will be damaged by the rough cement on the slide. It poses a high risk, too because once the child falls off from the slide the tendency is for his body to be bumped in the hard cement. If worst comes to worst, the child will get brain hemorrhage or the least is a fracture of his body parts. If the School Playground Equipment will be updated for ones that are safe for children like in the picture the one I post above, then I guess no parent will ever prohibit their children from playing on it.


Last night I had a chance to bloghop from my blogroll. I have observed that there were links in my blogroll that were inactive already. Surprisingly, many in the list abandoned blogging for whatever reasons. I deleted them from my list then. In my new wordpress site, I am sure that all the links therein are active because I really started from scratch. I hope to have a clean slate of links from this site, too. That way, my time is not wasted from visiting inactive blogger friends.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


A friend of mine thought that he married a saint who came all the way from the other part of the world to ask her hand for marriage from her parents. I recalled how she said that she is lucky her husband is so kind and nice to her and her family. When she went away with her husband, things changed drastically. After a few months, she called home to narrate how she had been physically beaten by her hubby for no apparent reason, at all. Her husband turned out to be an alcoholic and she had been made the subject of his ire when he got drunk. This is the fear now of many women. But, then I guess this may be only an isolated case. Anyway, if domestic violence is committed against women, there is a legal recourse for them. In Denver, for instance, there is a denver criminal defense lawyer who can provide expert and compassionate criminal defense. This criminal attorney will work with offended women all the way until the resolution of the case. Like the denver criminal lawyer, any criminal lawyer will work hard to protect the clients' rights and will ensure fairness and justice for wrongly accused as well. My friend is safe now because her husband was prosecuted accordingly. May this be a lesson to other women to be so careful in engaging marriage with somebody whom she does not know so well.


I have not posted a recipe here but this time, I am going to post a recipe for a friend blogger who asked about guava jam recipe. It is like this:

3 cup guavas, 3 cups water, 1 and one half cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt

1. Peel off guava skin and chunk into small pieces.

2. In a pot, mix 2 cups of water, 1 and 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tbsp vinegar and salt.

3. Boil the mixture. Reduce heat and bring to boil for another 30 minutes.

4. Remove from stove and Set aside the mixture to cool for 15 minutes.

5. Sift the mixture into another pan to separate the seeds. Use a spoon to force the mixture through the sifter. Sift the mixture twice.

6. In a pot, boil the mixture and the remaining 1 cup of water. Reduce heat when boiling and simmer until thickened.

7. Transfer jam into jars when cool and refrigerate.

I hope I answer your query, imriz.


My daughter is the one occupying my room upstairs. She feels happy to be liberated from the double decker bed she shares with my niece. Her bed in the room are just the mattresses in her double decker bedroom. She wants to buy a new bedroom furniture for herself and she wants a queen sized bed. I told her that if she would buy a new bedroom furniture to include buying one for me, too. I want a bigger bed so that I can put my laptop in bed and I can work from my bed. She saw the one queen sized bed in the net and it matched her taste. For now, she has not fixed her mind, yet on when she would buy a new bed since she is still planning to take a qualifying exam for police officers. I hope she would be lucky to pass the exam. Becoming a police officer is not my plan for her but she is old enough to decide on her own. I have nothing against police officers but it just did not dawn on me that my daughter will be one. I will support her though, if that is what she wants.


Across our house I saw many ripe guavas that fell down the ground and their aroma could be smelled from our house. I asked my helper to ask the guavas and when we were allowed, we had a plate full of guavas. I plan to make a guava jam tomorrow out of them. My neighbor says we could harvest the guavas if we like since they can not eat all the ripe guavas by themselves. Tomorrow, we will and I will just give them guava jam in return.


Have you ever met a car accident before? Was it a traumatic experience to you? Were your legal rights accorded to you and were you properly compensated for the damage brought to you, your car and third parties, if any? I am asking these because I am reminded of a car accident years ago involving me and my family. I tell you, I was glad that we found ourselves still alive minus minor bruises in our bodies. Our car was wrecked in the driver’s seat. The wreck and the bruises were negligible because they can be covered up with money but the trauma brought by the accident was more than something. It was then when I realized that no matter how careful you are in driving if there are reckless drivers around, accidents will happen to you more often along the roads. So, it is really important that drivers should have good road discipline when they drive. Anyway, regarding that fateful car accident, I am glad that I had a competent lawyer that time. If a vehicular accident happens, to you, God forbid, and you live in the Colorado area, seek legal help from denver car accident lawyers to rid you of hassles and headaches. I am sure you can find competent and experienced denver personal injury lawyers who will defend or assert your legal rights. I advise you do this right away after the accident so that the denver auto accident lawyer could come to your rescue at a moment when you are traumatized by the accident and could not think and decide well on your own.


Last night I had to sleep late because I have been adding links to my new site. I noticed that the page ranks of my two sites are NA and this site has a PR 0. I hope to work my way towards increasing the page ranks of all my sites. If only I have the luxury of time to face my laptop I sure can. Anyway, like an ant I will just try to be diligent in bloghopping and see how it works for my aim in increasing PR.


Managing a business is a daunting task since time immemorial. There are many challenges that have to be hurdled, local, international and global. If a business owner cannot meet with the surmounting challenges, he will end up a loser. This explains why there are many business owners that went bankrupt and had to close shop. There are many businesses though, that thrive in the cut throat business competition and are successful and profitable in their business ventures. Most of them are observed to be ones that have adopted the fast pace of technology and are observed to have used the modern technologies and innovations to their business advancements. For instance, to cut on travel costs and time, they adopted the Audio conferencing gadget to talk to their internal and external clients. They also made use of the Video conference strategy to confer on matters pertaining to their business. This is an amazing modern technology gadget that also offers many advantages to a business owner. As To meet with the global challenges, too the use of Web conferencing has also been utilized in order to keep pace with the global business economy. All these strategies and gadgets can be utilized, too by many business owners in order to be competitive locally and globally. These are few of the secrets to success by many business owners. You can adopt these, too if you want to be a successful business owner, someday.


I watched a boxing bout of Mexican boxer Barrera and Philippine boxer Bautista. It was played live in a local tv network. The first three rounds was a good fight but on the fourth round, the bout had to be stopped because a technical knockout was ruled out. Bautista had a big cut in the head. In the end, it was ruled out that Bautista won the boxing bout by technical knockout. It was not a good play for me because it ended so soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


There are many diseases infecting many and many people around the world today as time goes by that were not detected before by science. They are diseases that are either man made or infected from animals and pests. Around the house, for example, one may not know it but there are many diseases causing bacterias that are present in the home for so long a time already. These have become triggers of allergies, asthma, brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis and rhino sinusitis, headaches and migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sick building syndrome and many, many more. If you are wondering what causes these many diseases, they are called molds. Since molds are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye, a mold test is very important, at this juncture. To determine if your environment is making you sick already, test for mold. A mold detector can be obtained in the net today to prevent you from becoming ill due to molds. I will try to do this at home, too so that I can be assured of my health and that of my children. It is better to be safe and to take some precautions than to be sorry in the end.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The hostage taking involving a filipino cop and chinese nationals from hongkong is a big topic now in the international world. Hongkong officials are dismayed over the handling of the hostage crisis that ended up with eight fatalities from the tourists. Looking at the hostage taking last night, I can also say that there was a mishandling that happened, indeed. The tourism industry is badly affected now as Philippines is blacklisted from the roll of countries to be visited by the Hongkong tourists. I understand the position of Hongkong on this matter. It is even good that the diplomatic relations was not severed by their country officials.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Reading has always been a part of my life. I know a lot of people, too who has made reading a big part of their lives and have made several bookshelves out of the books they read. I could hardy sleep without reading. I also know people who can not make a pooh without a book to read on while on the john. Ridiculous, but it is amazing how reading can become powerful in one's body system. Anyway, I am fond of reading that I like to find a site that offers many articles to read on. And, recently I found a site already that has many informative articles in it about a variety of topics. It is called Article Alley. For a blogger like me, I can find articles that have free content for my website. I have browsed through some of the articles on it and I already shared some of my readings to my friends. Sometimes, they are amazed how I get to know about many things. If they only know that I read a lot and I find it worthy of my time to be reading. If you want to know about this site, you can click on the link here guys, to know more about what I am saying.


The pet dog in our neighborhood is causing much disturbance. It always barks day and night because it was put in a cage. Maybe he is asking for his independence like before when he was scot-free. But, I don't like it when he was free because he comes inside our gate and cart away with him slippers and shoes of my sons. At first, my son was able to find the pairs of shoes in the grassy lot near our place but the second time around, he totally lost one piece of his shoes. Now, he is wearing his old school shoes to school. Going back to the pet dog, last night he has been barking wildly. I hardly slept with his noise. My sons complained, too. I hope something can be done later so that we could all sleep soundly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It has been a long time already since I watched movies in a theater. Theaters in the downtown area have closed already and the ones that persists are in the malls. I expected that the theaters in the downtown area were nearing their extinction a few days after the theaters in the malls opened up. Why not? The old movie houses had no quality audio video installation. The equipment and the movie houses themselves were dilapidated. They collect low admission fees but they still closed shop because there were less and less people coming to patronize their movies. They were a far cry from the movie theaters in the malls where there were quality audio video systems. The good ambience of the mall exuding comfort and a truly relaxing aura for its patronizers were a big come on of the mall theaters despite the high admission fees. The last time I watched movies was with my sons. When we were going home, my son told me we could buy a good home theater equipment similar to that in the mall theaters. How I wish we could afford this luxury at this time. Maybe in time we can, when they have all finished in their schooling.

Friday, August 13, 2010


My younger son had his 14th birthday on August 10. However, I was bedridden stricken with flu. During that day, before my son head for school he told me that he will come home in the afternoon with a classmate visitor. I begged off since I could not get up to prepare for his visitors as my body was sore and my fever was high grade. My son is very understandable and he acceded. Tomorrow, I am going to give him a treat and I will buy him a gift, something that he likes. He once told me that he likes a new wallet. If he will come with me tomorrow in buying groceries, I will surprise him with that gift.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have a bundled rice straw and and abaca waste to culture mushroom in the kitchen. It is put in a tray. Amazingly, after a few days of sprinkling water in it, there are two sets of mushroom flushes sprouting in it. I just bought this bundle of rice straw and abaca waste in two plastic bundles. It seems that tomorrow or the next day, I can already harvest the flushing mushrooms. Mushroom culture requires less space. I just put it in the kitchen and sprinkled a little amount of water in it. Now, that there are already flushes sprouting, I will stop sprinkling water in it until such time that I get to harvest the mushroom including the stump. The whole stump is recommended to be removed when harvesting in order not to affect the other mushrooms when a leftover stump becomes rotten. I got a picture of it and I will see if I can upload it using my new touchscreen cellfone.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday as I was on my way home from office, I was jammed in traffic at a place where a fiesta was going to be held today. Traditionally, people living in the place with fiesta will have activities prior to the fiesta and yesterday one of the activities was the church procession of the patron saint. The organizers held the procession along the highway going to the church and it was held at a time of peak hours, between 4 and 5. Gosh, I was jammed in traffic for almost an hour in just the spot where the procession was help. I wish next time, the organizers will refrain from doing it because motorists and the riding public are adversely affected. I was seing the faces of most people jammed in the traffic that they really were annoyed and frowning. If this happens in their everyday lives, they might need to have a Plastic Surgery Hawaii clinic offers. Why not? Stress makes one ugly and develop lines in the face. I just sat in thew van I was into unmindful of the traffic because I already expected it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Is this sheer luck or an angel is safeguarding me? This afternoon I was slated to attend in one community a community organization activity. Two o'clock was our appointment so we usually leave at 1:45 in order for me to be prompt always in my schedules. I have made this a habit to be prompt in my official meetings and organization in the communities in order to set a good example to barangay leaders. In some ordinary days I usually go to office late. Going back to my appointment, I informed my staff that I will not go with them to the community as I had many things to do yet in the office. Minutes after, a news about an amok in the community I was supposed to go to happened. A dead body was brought to the town hall health unit caused by a person who ran amok and who shot four people. One of the the victims was dead on the spot while the three others were seriously wounded. The victim shot himself to death after the incident. Had I not been busy in the office I could have witnessed the chaos in the place of incident. If it was sheer luck or an angel was still protecting me, I am glad that I was not a witness in the happening of the incidents.


A new bakeshop opened near my place last Monday. I am quiet apprehensive if it will be saleable because of its geographic location. It is not near to many residential houses and there are not much people or commercial establishments beside the bakeshop. It has a parking area, though for motorists who would want to buy breads or other foodies. When I went there to buy loaves of bread there were not many customers around. They did not bake a variety of breads, too. I did not see any cake, yet. Maybe, because they are just starting that is why they don't have a variety of foods, yet. I also noticed that they did not have a grand opening like other bakeshops do. Maybe it was just a soft opening they have last Monday. If they would be selling cakes, already, I wish they will have Monogram Cake Toppers like has for its wedding cakes. I am reminded with the mention of cakes that my son will be celebrating his birthday this August 10. If the bakeshop here would be selling birthday cakes, already then I will try their birthday cake for my son's simple birthday celebration.


The weather is very unpredictable now. Now it rains and later it is sunny. It is a bad weather for fishers because gusty winds occasionally come, too. It has been predicted that four storms will visit the country this month. I just hope that they will not have a landfall. The country and the people are not ready for additional calamities now. And who is ready? Calamities are not welcome, always.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Despite my hectic schedule, I still find to read the news locally and internationally. I also hear over the television updates on some celebrities specifically about their love life and marriage life. I feel sad, though, to hear separations or relationships of married couples. I have gone through a failed marriage and somehow I don't like other couples to experience the same. The children , if there are any, are the ones badly affected. But, I am also a believer that if two people are not happy anymore with eaxch other's companion after trying so hard to save a relationship, then it is time to bid goodbye. Settlement about properties, children and support shall be taken cared of before separation. A competent lawyer, just like an Austin Divorce Lawyer can help couples get through the ordeal of settlement. During my time, the hardest thing was the decision to separate. However, after settlement with the custody of children and properties, I had a peace of mind. My children understood in the end though about our situation and I am happy that they are well adjusted now.


Just as I thought that I lost my blogroll in this site when I tweaked on a new layout, I was wrong. I was able to restore them. I am happy that I do not have to list down again one by one my friends in this site. Slowly, my appetite to blogging is coming back. I hope I will be able to be relax with my tasks in the next coming days so I can always visit your friends.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was talking to my friend who lives in Los Angeles and she told me that they just came home from their Jamaica vacations. I was excited to hear about their trip and at the same time deep inside me I was full of envy for them. Her father spent for the whole summer vacation using the tax refund he got. I figured the tax refund must have been substantial enough to cover the expenses for a family of five to go for a Jamaica summer vacations. They were accommodated in one of the hotels in Negril Jamaica. She showed me some of the pictures taken while they were in Jamaica. From the looks of it they surely enjoyed the picturesque beauty of the place and the fun they indulged while they were there. I wish one day I could also bring my family over to Jamaica vacations. My friend says it is much cheaper if I avail of the all inclusive Jamaica resorts vacation package. Well, this is something I should work for to happen.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The gospel in the catholic church for the day speaks about vanity. I heard an anticipated mass yesterday after I bought my groceries. Its gospel speaks abut vanity. I am reminded to give away things that I do not need anymore like the clothes that I don't wear anymore as there are many people out there who needs it. Ialso have pairs of shoes to give away. I am blessed because I can buy my needs while others can not. I always give away stuffs I do not use anymore ever since. I usually do it once a year. That way, I do not crowd my cabinets.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you noticed, I have a new lay out here. I utilized the new templates in my dashboard. My niece changed the layout first for me to an orange color. I liked it at first but on the next day I decided to tweak the layout on my own. I decided to change the layout with a cooler color however, after tweaking and deciding on the light blue color, I lost my blog roll. Why? My then layout was a three-column and I changed it to a two-column lay-out. I lost all my widgets on the third column including my blog roll. Now, I have to start from zero again. Oh my, it is the product of being hasty in doing things.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Daughter will turn 22 this coming October 6. It means that my tax exemption for her will end since the law only allows the age of until 21 for her to be included as my dependent qualified for tax exemption. This would mean a higher tax for me this year and for the coming years since only two of my children now will be covered as my qualified dependents with tax exemption.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


When my mother office got burned down by fire almost five years ago, it has to start anew with the procurement of many office furnitures. Only few of the furnitures have been salvaged by the security guard who was in the office at the time the fore broke out at night. Although, our office was just near the fire station, it was ironic that the fire could not be contained by the fire officers. The office building burned down into ashes. After the fire, they had to put up a temporary tent office for a few days until such time that a small building was constructed near the burned down building. It is amazing that after five years, the office is now constructed again and it is more beautiful than the one that got burned. New office furnitures like lateral file cabinets are present in all department offices. Most of all, the furnishings in the new building are now restored to the enjoyment and comfort of my co-employees in my mother office including the walk-in clients who admire the new building now.


I have been scouting for plaques today in the downtown area after my stint at my mother office. I am going to use it in the awarding ceremony of the Search I launched in the office regarding effective barangay justice system. The evaluation I had together with other evaluators will end on Monday. It has been awhile that I have been to the downtown area and I love the feeling of just promenading in there. Met many friends but after awhile I had to rest after standing for a long time. When I went home, I was bale to sleep early in so much tiredness. I am glad that tomorrow is a Saturday so I can over sleep. See you all guys, in my bloghopping tomorrow.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My office has implemented the rationalization of personnel program. This all about retrenchment of personnel with redundant positions. Affected personnel will be given a good retirement package. They can also opt to remain in service and they are either given a demotion in rank in salary or they can be given a promotion in rank. My close friend in the office says he will be demoted in salary so he will opt to retire as there is a good retirement package awaiting him. If he gets a substantial amount of money, he will buy a ranch just like the one I saw in the net that advertises on Texas Ranches For Sale. I like this good business venture he is planning to have. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy nature and enjoy the luxury and simplicity of country life. I have always wanted to live a country life that is why I like his idea of buying a ranch. This is not only a good investment in real property but he can also invest in livestock and agricultural production, which may not be a big time, for a start.


I went home today to initiate and lead my sons in cleaning the water tank that was able to suction almost muddy colored water running in the water pipes. This morning, we bath on it out of no choice. Last Saturday, the water in the main pipelines was turbid and my pump sucked it to the water tank. Now, I am glad that the water tank is cleansed again. In fairness, the water in the pipelines today was crystal clear. We pumped clear water to the water tank.


One of my staff in the office came to the office one day complaining of a pain in her left arm. She could not lift her arm as it was so painful and she had to postpone the sorting and filing of records in the office because of the severe pain. I overheard her saying she was prescribed by her physician a pain killer. I wonder if she was prescribed a suboxone. I have read that people can be addicted to opiates or pain killers. There is still hope however that this kind of addiction can be cured using a Suboxone Withdrawal product. It helps in combating the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal from opiates or pain killers. Today, I have not heard my staff complain of the pain in her arm. Maybe it has already been treated or maybe it is bearable because she took pain killers. I will tell her about this suboxone product so that she will be aware of the effects of pain killers in the body. I now know why doctors do not give in to their women patients, who give birth by caesarian section, constant use of opiates if they can still bear the pain.


It has always been a busy week for me and the few days will be so busy, too. I am planning to do some community organizing and I have had a lot of meetings already with the legislators to convene the people at their level before my team goes to the community. I am glad that I have a big help in community organizing. I am pissed though with my new staff in the office because they do not have knowledge in the use of computers. I almost do everything. I have already suggested to the HRMO to give them a computer literacy training. Hoping it will help them and my office and the whole organization if they will be computer literate already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Decorating the house with different accessories, buying furniture and acquiring personal things and replacing them most often is a good thing to do to break the monotonous look of the house. It can even be fun shopping for them. It is advisable to keep the replaced accessories, furniture and other personal things for future use in case one decides to change the motif of the house, again. However, the problem comes when there is limited space in the house and there is no storage room to place the replaced home accessories and furniture. Of course there are always recourse to get rid of them. They can be get rid of by selling them in a garage sale, donating them at a donation station, giving them away for free to friends or relatives and or keeping them for your future use by putting them in a storage facility. If you live in the Houston area, there are Storage Units Houston facility has to offer. If you live in other areas, you can check on this link to know the nearest storage facility that can help you preserve your valuable assets.


I want to have a haircut after the training. It has been for months now that I have been sporting a long hair. It has grown considerably long. I want it cut shorter and layered. Having a long hair needs maintenance in hair shampoos and conditioners. At least, if I have it shorter I can save on shampoos and conditioners. Oh, I am always thinking of saving. Why not? Being a single mother with sons schooling in private schools and a niece thru college is such a big expenditure to think about. Saving a few bucks means a lot in this times. I hope to save somehow despite of my financial liabilities now. Few of the things I can save on is my hair maintenance and maybe less shopping now on new clothes.


My elder son will be celebrating his birthday next month. His birthday falls on a day where there are classes. According to him he misses a birthday celebration where he can invite his friends and relatives. He likes the large collection of attractive luau invitations he saw in the net that will surely make impression on his friends. I figure that he just envy the birthday celebration held last Sunday by a niece where there were balloons and hats worn by the invited guests and friends. Since he is already 14 years old, I never imagined he would still wish for a birthday celebration like this. Next month when he celebrates his birthday, I was only planning to bring the family over and his close friends to a smorgasboard restaurant. I like it there because there are a selection of many courses of foods for a reasonable amount to be paid per person. I won't have any hassle in preparing the dishes and washing the plates afterwards. I am going to convince him to this birthday celebration idea I have for him. If not, then I will accede to him since after all it is his birthday.


The storm that hit Metro Manila yesterday devastated many lives and properties. The weather bureau was not able to predict where the actual eye of the storm was. It hit areas instead that were not predicted to be hit by it. I hope the weather gadget used by the weather bureau will be updated so that accurate and precise prediction can be disseminated to the public.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


With the change of new administration in my workplace, there was almost a mass lay off of employees. However, new employees were hired after the termination of the services of the older ones. It is the usual practice in local government units. Now, I have more staffs in the office. I figured that the number of employees hired now have surpassed the number of terminated ones. Now, the local government unit has to buy more office furnitures for the new employees. In the office, if the procurement officer will Buy Office Chair, one of my staffs will have to discard the chair he is using now that is in a sorry state. The procurement shall have to be made soon, otherwise employee's productivity will be affected. For me, employees shall have to be provided with good working environment conducive to working and shall be provided with good working facilities. There are more times spent in the office so the health and security of employees shall have to be looked into first.


In my so busy schedule at the office and in conducting trainings, I always find solace in the comfort of the bed. I blog a little only because I have to rest my body after a long day's work. The value of good health has been my lesson after experiencing different body malfunctions, lately. I knew most of it was part of over fatigue and not having a good sleep. Glad my body is into its normal health condition, again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It has been awhile that I attended a costume party. The last time was two years ago when my kids had their halloween costume party in the neighborhood. Since then it has not been followed. I wish this year that the customary halloween party will be revived by the homeowner's association. It is enjoying and exciting when haloween party comes because the costumes alone worn by participants are already an entertainment. This year, if the halloween party will be held, I am eyeing on wearing any of the Elvira Costumes I saw in the net. It is a sexy attire that I am sure would be so exciting to wear. I only used to see this costumes being worn by actresses in movies. If I get to wear this costume, I would be so happy to wear it with the accompanying accessories like the dagger and the matching shoes. My long hair can be sported the way Elvira costumes are worn by movie actresses. Well, halloween is still a long way to go but it is good that I was able to get a glimpse of this costume in the net.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


After 5 long years of paying the monthly premiums, my life insurance is finally paid off. I can get the certificate of completion one month after. Peace of mind is what I get after I have paid off the full amount of life insurance. I am also paying for my mother's, which is three years now. It feels good to be secured knowing that my kids won't be so much financially burdened when any eventuality comes to me at anytime.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Power break out sucks! The whole day yesterday there was no electric power. Today, for four times we experienced power break outs again. It was so hot around the house. And, my plan to build site traffic was not materialized. Good, though, that at night in time of sleeping we do not have power break out. Somehow, the power company gives us comfort in our sleep. They have a strategic schedule of power break out and I like it. But, I like it more if there will be no more power break outs in the days to come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I maybe vain but I am not ashamed to reveal my thoughts in my site. When I was a little girl I dreamed of going to different places like New York and Europe. Yes, as early as five years old , I was already thinking and dreaming big time. Dreaming is free, anyway. I have seen Hollywood actors and actresses transformed their physical appearance with the help of science. Well, I thought I could also transform my face to a famous Hollywood actress if I have the money. When I went to New York, last year, it was a dream come true. However, my dream to have a transformed physical appearance with a help of a Plastic Surgery New York surgeon did not materialize. I don't need to transform my face, anymore. I am proud with what I got and I am so grateful to my creator for this gift. Maybe, what I need if I have the money is to have a cosmetic reconstructive procedure like liposuction tummy tucks or breast surgery. I am really vain, am I not? Well, for now they remain to be dreams as I have no money, yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It was good that the parade for the Pintados festival here in my place started and ended early in the morning. It caused a traffic though, but at ten o'clock the parade was already through. The judging of the presentations was done at a grandstand and it ended at late in the afternoon. there were many entries to the contest that is why the judging took this long. My elder son watched it with his classmates.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Planning for the course of development of my workplace is one thing that the newly elected officials will be undergoing next month and I will be conducting a training regarding this. If I were to suggest I wanted the town to be known as the hub for tourism attraction. The land area of the two is not so big that it can not compete with the agricultural production of the nearby towns. In order to raise the revenues of the town and in order that it it will rise from its present classification as 5th class municipality it shall have to raise its revenues. It is not enough to be taxing its residents. The town officials, considering the coastal location of the town, may develop hotels, theme parks and resorts in the area to attract tourists and investors. When theme parks and resorts are made, the place will be put up with many amenities for kids like the Playground Equipment, sports and outdoor play equipment, pool slides and many others. My vision for the town is to make it a favorite hang out of the family of not just the town folks herein but of the tourists that will flock from other places. This way, the income of the municipality will soar.


I have been to the downtown area today at the parent's meeting of my elder son. My elder son's school is within the heart of the city and it is a few minutes drive from my place. The teacher adviser oriented the parent's about the school policies, and some regulations for the students. In the meeting I came to know the sentiments of some parents about their children being hooked to the computer. There abound many computer cafes nearby the school and their children usually skip classes in order to play computer games. I share the same sentiment as these parents. I have talked with my son regarding this and I am confident he can not go to the computer cafes as his allowance is only enough to cover for his fare. I let him bring his snacks and lunch with him so he has no reason to have extra money. This is my way to prevent him from skipping classes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Looking forward to a long trip in this summer vacation? Well, wherever you will go, whether you will be with your family and or friends, I am sure it would be an exciting trip. But, wait. Hold your excitement until you have finally worked out all the details of your trip. Be sure that you have seek your accommodation in the place of destination. It is better to book it earlier so you can avail of discounts and promos, if any. Don't forget to check on your vehicle, too. It is very important that this is done earlier, too so you will know the condition of your car and you can make the necessary purchase and repairs of parts, if any. You sure don't want to get stranded in the hot long roads of your destination so you better check on everything including your tires. If you need to buy new tires, you can buy cheap goodyear tires in the net, now. It is a good opportunity for every car owner to buy cheap but quality tires. If you want, you can buy them as spare tires for future use. Have a safe trip and enjoy a long drive wherever you plan to be.


My one year old laptop has a problem. It has screen flickering in the monitor everytime I open it. I don't know what seem to be the problem. I searched in google about its possible defect and I came to know that this must be a problem of the inverter. I wish the inverter is just cheap but I searched the net, it costs about $100. I hope this acting up stops soonest and I wish it is not an inverter problem.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Before I forget to post early tomorrow morning greetings to my father who had parted from the earth for good but I believe he is always around to guide me, to my brothers who are all fathers to their children, and to all fathers in the world,

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Don't Forget Father's Day - June 20!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Every Sunday, I use to listen after the tv mass, a program hosted by an immigration lawyer and a Filipino TV host. His clients are mostly Filipinos who have problems in their immigration papers while some are just asking for the sake of inquiry or curiosity. The setting of the show is in the United States and their audience are mixed nationalities. I find such program educational as I am a curious and ignorant person when it comes to immigration laws, national and international. I am also curious because I want to further my studies in Bachelor of Laws and this may be helpful to me in the future. I wish there will be many programs on tv that will tackle issues on criminal laws, civil laws, taxation laws and other laws to keep people abreast and not ignorant. Anyhow, since there are no programs yet on tv that can be of help to many audiences, it pays to find a lawyer by contacting law firms like the American Residential Law Group when the need arises to see them. Remember, if you are on the right and you have the cause of action, fight for it.


I like the weather now because it drizzles once in awhile. The house surroundings is cooler and the electric fan is not venting warm air around the house now, anymore. It has been months that we experienced hot weather and this one now is a much welcome weather. I like it when it drizzles. I love to listen to the raindrops tip topping on the roofing. Soon, it will be rainy season, again but I am praying that the rain will not go in excess that will damage properties like what had happened last year during the flooding in the Metro Manila area. No one can say he is prepared when calamities strike because calamities know no one and spare no one when it rages its fury. It pays to make preventive measures, though to cushion any adverse impacts of disasters.


I have rubbed elbows with many rich people while in my stint of employment. I have been to some of their properties during cocktail parties and any special celebrations. The most I am excited to see about when I go to parties like this is not the food, I am an much of a food tripper, but, rather it is the ambiance of the party and of the house of the host I am after of. Not that I look down on those hosts who don't meet my high expectations about their stature against their properties, but I am after the architectural designs and home ideas I can get or behold my eyes on. I wish one of them possesses real estate in the likeness of the beautiful hill country home overlooking a creek and vineyard, custom swimming pool and outdoor patio the Kerrville Texas Real Estate has to offer. If I were rich, I will surely buy this property and I will enjoy entertaining my guests in the great guesthouse. Not that I don't like it in the city but I like to live in a country home where I have a storage barn and total perfect ambiance.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It is a very boring life when I am not studying. From office to home, and from home to office, I find it boring that I am not professionally enriching myself, academically. Glad that I am blogging, somehow I can earn and I can while my time after I assist kids with their school tasks. I am planning, if my finances allow, to pursue my course in bachelor of laws. Many years ago, I stopped at 2nd year college to give ample time to my sons who I worried will not be assisted with their assignments if I leave them to themselves. I enrolled then in weekends classes in Master in Public Resource Management until I graduated. Now, that my kids are all on their high school years, one in third year and the youngest in second year, I figured I can already hold them responsible for their assignments. On the second semester, I plan to resume my pursuit to be a lawyer, someday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Are you a man who is eyeing a crush but you seem to be tongue tied when she goes near you? Well, it happens most of the time to most men. They need to find guts to approach and tell the apple of their eyes about their feelings for the girl. However, there are men who are courageous enough to express what they feel after many tries. Good for those who can express what they feel but how about those who can not? Well, it is really a problem. In fact, there are even men who are so boring to their girlfriends. Behind their backs, the girlfriends are already talking against the dullness of the boyfriend. Sometimes if a man is boring, the woman decides to break up with the boy. If you do not want to lose your girlfriend why don't you make efforts to make your relationship work? There are many ways to maintain a vibrant relationship and one of which is you should know how to say Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. There are a lot more you should know about dealing with your girlfriend. Click on this link to know more.

Monday, June 14, 2010


How time flies. It is another school year and classes will resume tomorrow, June 15. The house will be silent again after my kids leave for school and will have a sign of life, again once they go back in the afternoon. I have no house help for now but I have a laundry woman who will come over to wash soiled clothes. She will clean the house and cook before she leaves in the afternoon. It is such an agony without house help. I hope to find a stay in house help, soon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since it is summer break, my sons are all the time glued to the desktop computer in the house. I hear them murmur in disapproval whenever I use the desktop. I let them play their favorite computer games in the net like the poptropica games and other favorite games to their heart's content because when school time resumes, they can no longer use the computer as I am going to put a password to it. The only time they could use the computer is during school breaks. I will not even allow them to use the computer during weekends, except of course, if they need the internet for their school works or projects. I resolved to be stringent with my rules on the use of computer because my sons tend to forget to do their school assignments and projects when they are already absorbed in the computer games. I have talked this out with them and they understood. With limited school allowance money and my constant tutoring on their school lessons I hope to develop in them the value of being focused on their studies and being hardworking in school.


The weather has been going hot for a couple of months, now. The highest temperature measured was 39 degrees Celsius. In times like this, I miss my childhood days when we lived in a nipa house, a house made of light materials like wood wallings and floorings and nipa thatches as roofings. The house was surrounded with so many fruit trees and the land area we dwelled on was bigger. When it was hot during summer, we hardly feel the heat as the trees cooled down the house area and there was fresh air coming from the trees. Now, I live in a subdivision with heavy materials like concrete flooring, wallings and everything but it is very hot when summer comes. There are no big trees to filter and cool down the surroundings. If I were given the chance to construct another house, I will build one with light materials and I will live in the countryside with a big land area where I can plant fruit bearing trees and raise hogs and chickens. I am being nostalgic, but I can't help but compare then from now.


The posture of a person has something to do with the way he sits. If he often sits slouching in chair, the tendency is he would also slouch when he stands and in everything he does. Chairs, on the other hand, have something to do with the comfort of the body. If a person sits on a comfy chair, his back is protected. No one wants to have back pains so it is better to get rid of the cause of back pains before it happens to anybody. If you are a person who has sedentary work and you lounge in your chair more than the times you stay standing, it is better for you to have Office Chairs that will give you not only comfort but also protection from back pains. Of course, if you head the office or if you are one who has a say in the procurement of office furnitures, recommend for the use of office chairs that will prevent back pains or if you already have one, it would relieve you of mild, medium or severe back pains. You will be amazed that such kind of chairs could be used to relieve you of back pains but this is true. Click on the link for to believe what I am saying.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The elections is over at the national and local levels of government. It ushered in new set of local officials and at the local level I am responsible in bringing about a capability building activity hoping to bring about a cadre of development oriented, newly minted or re-elected, officials who will be able to translate local economic development roadmap to socio-economic development of its constituencies. I will be busy henceforth because of the preparations I shall be making for this activity. My target is to conduct the training on the second week of June at a place to be determined tomorrow after I get the quotations for each targeted venue.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Generally, once people reach the age of 40 they get a decline in good eyesight. It becomes sooner with improper care of the eyes, like poor eating habits, reading in poor lightings, lack of sleep and many others. This explains why there are people wearing eyeglasses at a younger age than 40. Like me, I experienced poor eyesight at the age of 39. I was prescribed by the optometrist to wear eyeglasses but at first I was against it. I was more inclined to wearing contact lenses like the soflens toric as it is convenient to wear. But, when I was given free prescription eyeglasses by my sister I was glad to wear it. I have two eyeglasses right now which I seldom use. Later, I know I will get rid of them as they might not be suited anymore for my eyes. I will get contact lenses when that happens. I don't like obstruction in my face that is why I prefer to wear them. I can also avoid the risk of losing my eyeglasses which have happened to me for many instances already but lucky me because I was able to recover them back.


Yes, the airconditioning unit downstairs has been installed now. I can linger longer now downstairs than staying in my room upstairs where even if it is airconditioned the heat still persists because of the low ceiling. Now, I can bloghop more often since the heat will no longer disturb me. My itching is slowly vanishing now. The oatmeal lotion and betamethasone cream are working wonders on me.


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