Friday, January 22, 2010


One of the things that I like when computers were invented was I did not have to use the hard keys of the typewriter anymore, when typing a document. In the office, my first entry position was a clerk. It was such a hassle when I was made to type using a typewriter, very long and several pages documents. I had to be accurate in my typing otherwise I had to redo every page where I commit a clerical error. When computers were invented I immediately learned how to use it because I wanted ease in my work. Printing several pages of my encoded documents was so easy and fast. Then, we were only using printer with ribbon. Nowadays, new printers were invented using cartridges and it was amazing because printing was fastest. Almost all offices have fast printing printers, nowadays. Thanks to the inventor of computers and printers. And, also thank you for the Free Sample Cartridges Offered after Printer Driver Download Link. This is a good offer as we all know that printer cartridges are relatively costly. This is a lot of savings on the part of students and business office owners.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was astounded to read about the new 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti eight days after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The victims in Haiti has not recovered yet from the trauma in the first devastating quake and here comes another. Until now I have not heard from my friend yet if she is still alive. I worry now for the victims who are still alive under the rubbles. With the new earthquake the possibility of those who are still alive under the rubbles become dim. Let us all pray for Haiti and for its people to recover from this very traumatic experience.


There are a lot of robberies and other forms of house burglaries happening around. In fact, I am saddened with the thing that is happening in Haiti because despite the devastating situation they have now, there are unscrupulous people that aggravate the already worst situation they are in now. The relief efforts are being derailed because there are people who loot and take advantage of the chaos situation. So to be safe, it is good to secure the place where the relief goods are or in the case of households it is best to fence the house perimeters. A fence does not only make a certain place or house secure but it also make a particular building or house look good if the fence is constructed creatively. For me, I fenced my house for reasons of security and added attraction of my house. I made it sturdy to stand in the cold and hot weathers. So, for you people out there if you like to have your house fenced, there is not much good fencing company out there. Look for the best. One of the best is a San Diego Fence Company.  You have got to try this in order to prove it. 

Monday, January 18, 2010


I don't know the criteria of being adjudged or misjudged as a worst dresser but in the Golden Globe's Worst Dressed of all time, I scan the stars who were judged or misjudged as worst dressed. Some of them are to my taste best dressed. However, there is one that I am quiete sure I will really categorize as worst dressed. I attached here the pic. But, I gues it is hurting to be said as worst dressed so it is best to respect her way dressing up. 

Friday, January 15, 2010


Time flies so fast. It seemed like yesterday when the hustles and bustles of Christmas and New Year were felt. Before we know it, it will be February already and we will be celebrating the Valentine's Day. Have you decided on what Valentine Gifts to give to loved ones? Well, for me I could not remember the year I last gave a valentine gift to my kins. Usually, during Valentine's Day, I only treat my children to a dinner or lunch outside home and we watch movies together. However, I love the atmosphere of Valentines in malls and in many offices. Red and pink colored balloons, heart-shaped balloons and red cupids are hanged everywhere. I, too make a valentine atmosphere in my office during February. I hang these cupid cut outs in the walls and windows of my office and my clients like it. This coming February 10, the organization of Barangay Secretaries will celebrate a valentine's party and they decided to hold it here at home. Well, I acceded because they are just 15 anyway and they will be the ones to provide their food. They will have some surprises on this day. I hope they will enjoy it here at home.  


It is a Friday already and as usual it has been raining. I can say we are lucky that it is raining because in other parts of the country, they have missed rains especially the farmers who rely on rains for their plantations. However, many in my place have colds, fever and flu caused by the rain and cold weather. Lucky me, because my colds have gone away fast. But in Haiti, where millions of people are in despair because of the devastating earthquake, the cold and the heat is nothing to them as long as their families are safely intact. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010


In my workstation, we have a wired internet connection. I do not know why the electronic center unit is not recommending an update to change it to a wireless router. A wifi connection would be better since the location of the buildings housing the different offices are located adjacent each other in one compound. As a result we have a very slow internet connection. I was asking one time the computer technician why he was roaming around to check the computers. He answered that somebody must be downloading a heavy file because the server keeps hanging. I told him we should shift to a wireless router so that we can have torrents download without much hassle. In the office I don't download heavy files now that we have a very slow internet connection; I wait till I get home where my internet connection is fast.  The other day I overheard that this year the internet connection will be improved. Well, I just hope so because it is a waste of time sitting in front of the computer with a very slow connection. I feel happy though that I am assigned in a workplace with high tech information equipment. It is totally different from my previous work assignment where even cellfone signals sometimes bog down. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


While reading the news about the hearing on Ampatuan Jr.'s petition for bail, I am almost sure that he would not be granted his petition after Rasul Sangki, a town vice-mayor and Ampatuan Jr.'s distant relative testified that he witnessed Ampatuan Jr.'s gruesome killing of victims in the Maguindanao masacre. His involvement has been positively identified by the vice-mayor and as a layman, if I were made to judge the gravity of the offense of Ampatuan Jr. I will decide to detain him in jail until he is finally incarcerated.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There is no one best job as long as he is happy and contented with what he is doing. Some are happy to be employees while others who are risk takers want no other but running an own business. Each person wants to run his own business if only given enough resources. In fact, this is the aspiration of each employee working locally and overseas. Many business tycoons started with a small business and later on with hard work and right work attitude, they have reached their dreams and have built chains of businesses locally and worldwide. Anybody, with enough resources can build their own dreams by starting his own corporation. To interested business minded people who would like to do business in Nevada, a nevada inc company can help him start a business. The hassles of paperworks, and the tedious processes of filing the requirements will be taken cared of by this company as fast as possible. The individual planning to start a business can focus on other aspects of the business while the Nevada Inc takes care of the paperworks.  This is also a good way to familiarize with the processes of applying for a new business. This is a great help to business starters.     


There is a word feud going on between presidential bets Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino in the Facebook social networking site. This stemmed when a certain Social Weather Station released the results of recently conducted political survey, which revealed a slim edge of supporters of Aquino over Villar. But, I don't beleive that the word war came from the two. It must have come from their avid supporters and it is being magnified and exaggerated in the media.   

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have many tasks to be done in the office with the start of the year. I expect the year to be busy for me in the office especially that it is election year.  I have yet to reactivate the many organizations I helped organize last year involving many sectors of the society. I love people's organizing and I feel happy to play a great part in their organization.  I have helped some in the formulation of the organization's constitution and by-laws and in some I have helped all the way to the accreditation in concerned accrediting agencies.  Each organization have their organization name. However, I would like them to have an organization seal with logo. I think I can get a great help with the design logo available in the net. This would be a great help in identifying a particular organization.  If the organization will be successful, the members of the organization will benefit a lot in terms of personal, intellectual, economic and social development. I always make follow ups while the organization is on a "toddler stage" yet so that theyu will be guided on what to do until such time that they can make it on their own. Sometimes, when I fail to attend their meetings for some equally important matters to attend to they come to my office for some technical and consultancy services.  


My colds medicine is working good on me. I feel better now. Thanks God it is a Sunday because I can afford to skip taking a bath. If it were a Monday I can't skip bath because I can't afford to leave the house without bathing. I took another cold medicine that has no drowsy effect on me that is why I was able to somehow bloghop today.  I wish to be in good health the whole year through because health is wealth to me. When did I came to realize this? When I got sick with my heart palpitations. More than anything else I want to have good health because I have my children to look after.  


Different people have different hobbies and favorites. Even brothers and sisters and even twins have different past time and likes. Me, when I was in high school I love collecting stamps. My close friends were into collecting stickers. I even had a friend who loved collecting scented ball pens. When I got into college my favorite hobby was changed. I neglected collecting stamps as I switched into collecting postcards. It started when I was given a postcard by my friend whose family came from Hongkong. However, when I finished college I switched into a new hobby, which is collecting keychains. My friend continued with her hobby of collecting postcards. When I went to Singapore and Malaysia I sent her a postcard from there. She collects the ones that are stamped. She loved the postcard I sent her because it was a customized postcard, the one where I had my picture in it. Now, since she already has a family and children of her own, she shows her daughter the postcard collection that she has. Recently, I got this idea that since I love to travel I had better buy me a personalized postcard in hundreds. I can give postcards to my friends whenever and wherever I travel. This is a nice idea, right?


Yes, I have got colds. I wonder a few days before that I had no good taste for every food and drinks I take. Now, it revealed I had colds and the bland taste I was feeling before were symptoms of colds. The other night I had chills as I was feeling cold despite the thick blanket. Last night, I took paracetamol and as expected I had a good sleep because this cold medicine always makes me drowsy whenever I take it. I hope to feel better on Monday so I can report to office. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010


After Christmas break it is back to normal days again. But very soon and before we know it, it will be summer time again. Children will have no classes and so it is the best time to go on family trips and vacations. I was watching the TV one time and I saw this ice castle buildings being featured. It is a tourist attraction in the place. Geez, I guess it is super cold to be inside the ice buildings. It also featured playgrounds inside the ice building construction. I told myself that for curiosity's sake I will sure want to experience being in an ice building and sleep inside it, too. Well, travel entails money but it's worth it in the end. Here are the Top 10 Places to Get Budget Travel Tips so that the family who is tight on budget can experience the best, unique but yet affordable vacation place. After all, it is the enjoyment of the family that matters. On my part, I always make it a point to always save money for a family outing every summer break. My kids look forward to it and I feel happy to see them feeling great each time we take off from the house. It is a mother's joy, and every parent's joy for that matter, to see the glow on their children's faces whenever a leisure trip is declared. 


Since Christmas season is already over, we started dismantling the Christmas tree at home for storage. However, before storing it the dismantled christmas tree shall have to be washed first. How to wash it? We just soak the twigs in a big basin full with water and we pour powder detergent soaps. We let them soak there for an hour. After an hour, we rinse the twigs in running water to keep off the accumulated dirts on them. It has been raining today so the twigs will be hang dried again tomorrow. When its fully dried up, that's the time when they are stored and sealed for storage until the next christmas. How about yours?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is a proven fact that the number of marriages increase incrementally as the population increases. In fact, many live in relationships are happening at an early age. Intimate boy and girl love relationships I have observed are made at a very early age too unlike before. However, with the increasing number of marriages, separations and divorce increase. For some, it is advantages to file a divorce to stop once and for all the continuance of unhappy marriages. There are sometimes irreconcilable differences between couples that it is better off to be separated or divorced than to continue hurting the children and the couple. In fact, there are also relationships that end up because there is a commission of domestic violence where the wives and children are emotionally, physically and psychologically hurt. This is the worst offense a husband or a father can commit to his wife or children. That is why, to women and children who are physically, emotionally and psychologically battered it is best to contact lawyers that are experts and experienced in domestic violence. In New Jersey, there are new jersey domestic violence lawyers that can be contacted. They can be of best help to this gender sensitive issue. 


There are different kinds of problems people face in the world. While there are political killings happening in democratic countries, in Egypt there are religious killings. Muslims attack the Christians obviously to avenge the muslim girl raped by a christian. Problems obviously are built in to people and to society. Solving the problem is one big task people should learn of, like the problems I have within my family. Well, with children going up especially the boys any single parent will really pass through this stage. I hope I can effectively make a solution to this problem I have with my elder son who is backsliding in school.


I have always wondered then why hollywood female stars look still lean and sexy despite their age and their having sired kids. Well, it was then. When I was informed about the modern technology in cosmetic surgery I don't need to ask anymore what their secrets are. There are many ways to make the body look sexy and flawless. One is through undergoing lap band surgery. If bulging tummy is a problem because of too much food intake, losing weight will not be much of a problem. One one can just go to a cosmetic surgeon and consult the surgeon for the proper procedures and preparations before the surgical operation. If one is in interested, an experienced and expert lap-band doctor who will conduct lap band cosmetic surgery clinic is just a click at this link.  It was so scary to most women at first to undergo this surgical operation, however, since most women have proven this operation to be safe and effective way to lose weight, many changed their outlook and resort to this operation to lose weight.  As log as it is effective, I myself would resort to this if I have the means.


On my way to the office today I came to know that the public transports in my workstation and in the two towns before my station are having strike. They are protesting to the concerned government agency regulating the transportation franchise about the present rerouting scheme of their way to my city. The detest the scheme as one sided and unfair to them. I hope the strike will be settled soon as some drivers when they can't solicit support from other public transport drivers put nails along the road. This is in a desperate attempt to stop other public drivers drivers from holding public conveyances while they are still on strike. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I went to California last year I observed a big difference between the downtown streets of New York and the downtown streets of California. In California there was less public transportation plying in the downtown area streets unlike in New York where the public transportation utilities cause traffic jam. I like it New York because there are many public transport wherever one goes or wherever one wants to go. In California one shall really have to own his own car. I don't wonder now why many New Yorkers don't own cars.  So, for luxury and convenience if one lives in California, he shall have his own car. If, by chance accidents happen, like collision with another car and other road accidents that bring wreckage to the car, it is very important that one knows where to go for the best auto body repair just like the auto body buena park . I remember a friend whose car was a total wreck due to a car collision. It was not her fault as established by the traffic officers who responded after the car incident. The one at fault paid for the repair. Her car now looks like it did not go through a serious physical damage.


Election is yet far off but election related violence resulting to deaths of many candidates and supporters had happened and the worst is that involving the town mayor of the Maguindanao province where 57 people died. I despise these killings and everytime I see the arrogant suspect in the Maguindanao killings I can't help but get mad at him. He is just a suspect but I have a hunch that he is not guilty as opposed to his pleadings of not guilty. I hope the grind of justice will indict him. And, I also pray that the killings will stop from here.


There is pleasure in driving. In fact, when I first learned how to drive a motorcycle it was as if I knew how to fly. It was a feeling of independence and I cannot express what I felt that time. All I knew was I was having a great feeling of independence. When I learned how to drive a car, I was feeling rich. I could not contain my happiness when I first set out alone to drive. I had to gather my guts and confidence in order that I can reach safely to and fro my destination. However, when I was driving alone on a sunny day, I found it not fun to drive at all because my eyes got strained from trying to figure out the right lane for me and in order for me to drive safely despite the glare. Since that time, whenever I drive I shall always wear shades. I found a pair of shades that is fashionable and trendy. I plan to replace the pair of shades I have and I plan to buy a pair similar to the Memphis Shades available in the net. These blur sunglasses block dangerous UV rays that are harmful to my eyes. 


It is the start of the year and in the office I am so busy but I still find time to blog. I have to blog in office because at home when I get home I have to attend to my sons and tutor them on their studies. By the time I am finished tutoring, I find it tired and sleepy already to blog. Because of health reasons, I have to sleep otherwise my body system will be derailed again.  I am happy that I am being active in blogging, again. 


There are always car collisions in the roads. Almost every day one can read in the news and hear over TV about road mishaps. These accidents cannot be avoided sometimes. There are drivers who are reckless and they affect the other drivers who are very careful in driving. No matter how one tries to avoid an accident if there are undisciplined drivers who drive under the influence of liquor or if there are drivers who text while driving, accidents will really be inevitable. Reckless drivers endanger the health and lives of people. Good, if the accidents don't cost the lives of the drivers, passengers and other third parties otherwise it will adversely affect the psychological and emotional feelings of the guilty driver. However, if it can not be avoided that lives will be lost, it will be a lifetime mental baggage of the guilty driver. On the other hand, if it is only the cars that will be damaged as a result of the collision there are body shops just like the body shops downey that can be trusted to restore the damaged cars to its original condition. It is best to contact the expert in collision repairs like the Collision Repair Experts in Downey so that the trace of collision will never be seen from the car like no damaged has been done to it at all.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...