Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I went to California last year I observed a big difference between the downtown streets of New York and the downtown streets of California. In California there was less public transportation plying in the downtown area streets unlike in New York where the public transportation utilities cause traffic jam. I like it New York because there are many public transport wherever one goes or wherever one wants to go. In California one shall really have to own his own car. I don't wonder now why many New Yorkers don't own cars.  So, for luxury and convenience if one lives in California, he shall have his own car. If, by chance accidents happen, like collision with another car and other road accidents that bring wreckage to the car, it is very important that one knows where to go for the best auto body repair just like the auto body buena park . I remember a friend whose car was a total wreck due to a car collision. It was not her fault as established by the traffic officers who responded after the car incident. The one at fault paid for the repair. Her car now looks like it did not go through a serious physical damage.

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may bahaw pa ako utang ha im.. hehehe..


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