Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is pleasure in driving. In fact, when I first learned how to drive a motorcycle it was as if I knew how to fly. It was a feeling of independence and I cannot express what I felt that time. All I knew was I was having a great feeling of independence. When I learned how to drive a car, I was feeling rich. I could not contain my happiness when I first set out alone to drive. I had to gather my guts and confidence in order that I can reach safely to and fro my destination. However, when I was driving alone on a sunny day, I found it not fun to drive at all because my eyes got strained from trying to figure out the right lane for me and in order for me to drive safely despite the glare. Since that time, whenever I drive I shall always wear shades. I found a pair of shades that is fashionable and trendy. I plan to replace the pair of shades I have and I plan to buy a pair similar to the Memphis Shades available in the net. These blur sunglasses block dangerous UV rays that are harmful to my eyes. 

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