Sunday, January 10, 2010


Different people have different hobbies and favorites. Even brothers and sisters and even twins have different past time and likes. Me, when I was in high school I love collecting stamps. My close friends were into collecting stickers. I even had a friend who loved collecting scented ball pens. When I got into college my favorite hobby was changed. I neglected collecting stamps as I switched into collecting postcards. It started when I was given a postcard by my friend whose family came from Hongkong. However, when I finished college I switched into a new hobby, which is collecting keychains. My friend continued with her hobby of collecting postcards. When I went to Singapore and Malaysia I sent her a postcard from there. She collects the ones that are stamped. She loved the postcard I sent her because it was a customized postcard, the one where I had my picture in it. Now, since she already has a family and children of her own, she shows her daughter the postcard collection that she has. Recently, I got this idea that since I love to travel I had better buy me a personalized postcard in hundreds. I can give postcards to my friends whenever and wherever I travel. This is a nice idea, right?

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