Thursday, January 14, 2010


In my workstation, we have a wired internet connection. I do not know why the electronic center unit is not recommending an update to change it to a wireless router. A wifi connection would be better since the location of the buildings housing the different offices are located adjacent each other in one compound. As a result we have a very slow internet connection. I was asking one time the computer technician why he was roaming around to check the computers. He answered that somebody must be downloading a heavy file because the server keeps hanging. I told him we should shift to a wireless router so that we can have torrents download without much hassle. In the office I don't download heavy files now that we have a very slow internet connection; I wait till I get home where my internet connection is fast.  The other day I overheard that this year the internet connection will be improved. Well, I just hope so because it is a waste of time sitting in front of the computer with a very slow connection. I feel happy though that I am assigned in a workplace with high tech information equipment. It is totally different from my previous work assignment where even cellfone signals sometimes bog down. 

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