Sunday, February 28, 2010


I came to visit today the lot I bought two years ago.  Where before when I bought it I did not actually set foot on it, today I did. I am glad that it is not anymore flooded unlike before.  When I bought the lot, my plan was for my brother and mother to live on it.  My mother thought of the very big hassle of transferring their things.  Little did she know that there are moving companies like that of the Orange County movers that will be a great help in eliminating the hassles of moving. Anyway, when I have constructed a house on this lot, I don't think mother won't change her mind in moving.  But, if in case she really is bent on not moving, I plant to rent out the house so I can earn somehow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I will be going to Manila on Wednesday. It will be a three day official travel. I won't be bringing my laptop anymore since aside from the fact that it is heavy, the internet connection fee in the hotel where we will be billeted is so precious. So, when I leave from March 3 to 5, I will be off blogging. Will see you on March 6, when I get home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Packaging and presentation of products matter when running a business. In grocery stores and malls for example, it is observed that most use glass showcases to display their products. It must be an effective way to promote a product. Why not? Glass showcases bring out the best quality of the product and it also exemplifies elegance. No wonder why in big malls, they use glass showcases. Even in houses, the use of corner showcases to show off multi-media gadgets are already resorted to.  Home accessories are best displayed in glass showcases, too. Indeed, glass showcases are in, now in commercial establishments, residential houses, industrial establishments, even in small time businesses and anywhere.  I remember going to a shoe store last Sunday to scout for a flat heeled sandal that I could use for my upcoming travel to Manila. Upon entrance to the shoe store, I could see the beautiful and elegant footwears displayed in glass showcases as if enticing me to take a look at them. I already find the footwear I like but I will still look in other shoe stores. I never know if there are much better footwears I can find that are more beautiful than the one I eyed last Sunday. 


My desktop is near the window. It makes me happy to see birds flying below the window canopy outside my window. I noticed since I had installed window canopies in my windows and since I had my extension kitchen and the second floor to the laundry area that there are many birds that linger in our stairways and in our canopies. One day I will buy bird feeds so that more birds will keep coming.  I love to see nature in these birds. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


No one is spared of committing errors. Human as we are, we are destined to commit errors. What matters is how one rises after he falls. One classic example is Tiger Woods. He is a very rich and famous person; he has a very successful golf career that no man in his time today could ever surpass his golf achievement. Like any human being, he has fallen to human frailties. As a result his family relations got strained, his career got gloomy and his reputation got tarnished. But, for me he deserves understanding.  He is my idol in golf sport. I wish one day I can play this sport of him and I know one day I can if and when I am taught how to.   


Last Saturday night, I went to the concert of international singers David Pomeranz and Johnford Coley. It was a great concert. The concert venue at the Astrodome was full of spectators. Poor me my seat was a cheap one so I was seated in a bleacher far from the stage.  I was not able to bring my digicam to get a picture of the duo. My cellfone could not get a good shot of them even when the lens was zoomed.  I could only see them up close when their faces where focused up close in the wide projector screen.  I admire the two singers more after watching they perform live. Next time they hold a concert, I will really save to buy a ticket near the stage. 

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am glad that my house repair is finished and it feels good to have it a facelift after more than a decade. The debts I have incurred are worth it even if I starting now to suffer the consequences of incurring large debts. My salary went down considerably and sometimes, it cracks my head to know where to get money when unexpected finances arise. I was talking to friends in California and one of them let go of her house near the San Francsico airport because of high taxes and with the persistent economic recession it was hard to maintain the other house. My other friend was grinning to her ear because she availed of the Mortgage Loan Modification and she qualified. It was such a big help to her and to her family. Her husband got unemployed as a result of recession so she was so happy to have been approved by this program. 


I am going to a meeting today as there is a plan for a travel to Manila. Today is the deciding factor whether I will go or not. I have asked permission yesterday from my immediate boss if I will be allowed and he said yes. Well, if I will see that the travel will be tarnished with a political color, I would rather not go. I don't like the opposition to have an ire against me. 


Marriage is not something to rush to, nowadays.  Life is hard and therefore each looking partner must see to it that he or she knows the other person so well before engaging into marriage. I was reading an article about the high incidence of divorce and separation in marriage compared to previous years.  Well, one factor of it must be early marriages occurring nowadays and very little time of engagement before marriage.  For whatever, it is, for me marriage shall be a decision after four or five years of engagement. Beforehand, dating to know the other partner must be considered first. There are many dating sites to look for in the net and one of which is the dating in london site. It must be exciting to date with a person from other country. However, one must be open to dating with his or her own race from his or her own country, too.


Thank God it is Friday. My sons have no calsses so they are going for a motorcycle ride with my brother to the park near the beach. Maybe they will dip in the beach, too. It is a good time to dip in the beach because it is neither too hot nor too cold.  Speaking of motrocycles, yesterday there was an agent roaming in the office offering mortgage of motorcycles without any downpayment. Many of my officemates availed of the promo. I dislike owning a motorcycle. It has a very big accident risk. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I was younger I used to drink beer with friends. Every Friday afternoon we use to convene in our favorite hangout and we order food first to fill our stomach before ordering drinks. Our favorite was beer and we use to conceal the beer in a pitcher by sealing the pitcher with a tissue paper. That way, it was not obvious that we were drinking beer. One day I saw in the net about  the german beer boot.  I don't think I can drink beer from this german beer drinking boot but on second thought I guess it is fun to drink beer from this boot container.  It must be fun and weirdo to drink beer from a boot.    

Monday, February 15, 2010


I found this image the cutest of all so here I am greeting you a last minute Happy Valentine's greetings. May your Valentine's Day be happy and special. Mine was celebrated at home with my family. How about yours?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Finding an extra income to cope with the hard times is one best remedy everyone needs. There are a lot of earning opportunities in the web and for a start, one does not have to leave his job in order to manage an online business. I, for one does not know how to manage an online business, but an Online Marketing Consultant will be a great help should I or anybody wishes to venture in an online business endeavor. There are many online marketing consultants that are available in the net who can be trusted to market your products to the word wide web.   


My amoebiasis is not fully treated yet. The other day I was at a conference and my diarhea striked again after eating and drinking. I figured I must be bringing my own water and maybe food with me to avoid recurrence of my diarrhea. My case is literally a pain in the ass so even if its awkward to bring own food in a meeting or conference where free lunch is served, I should have to excuse myself from eating the free food served than suffer in the end.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I would love to have a pet dog in the near future. Before, I prefer to own a puppy dog because at an early age it would still be easy to teach the puppy tricks and mold a puppy's behavior. It would be easy to give it house training. Now, I prefer to own an already big dog because I don't like recurrence of the bad experiences of my kids over the deaths of our puppy dogs before. Now, I understand that contrary to what I believe that it is easy to train dogs at an early age, dogs are basically intelligent and therefore, they can learn fast at whatever stage of their lives even at their old age. I just would have to deal with their furs because I might have some allergies with them.    

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am saddened with the death of an 8- year old autistic boy whose mother is believed to be involved over his death at the Peninsula Hotel in New York. Whatever her issues are, I guess the woman is psychologically unstable to do such a gruesome act to his child. Glad that the mother is still alive to answer her crime. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010


After winter, it will be spring and summer. It would be a perfect season to go on bike riding, promenading and hiking. Well, I love bike riding especially when it is spring. I love the cold breeze of the air skidding through my cheeks as I ride in a motorcycle. But, mind you, I don't just ride in any motorcycle. I see to it that I can trust the one driving because I have a trauma on motorcycle accidents. I was once involved in a motorcycle accident with my ex-husband and it was during the time when I was pregnant. i was fortunate that nothing bad happened to the baby i was conceiving. My brother told me that if we had in our motorcyle a backrest especially a Jardine backrest, I would not have been thrown like a ball from the seat of our motorcycle. Anyway, after that incident I am so careful in riding in a motorcycle. I always advise the driver to drive slowly.


Yes I am back. For days I could not blog from home because I had a problem with my telephone connection. When the dial tone was restored by a telephone company crew, my internet connection was out.  I called up again to complain that my internet connection was not restored. When the operator answered she told me that indeed my internet connection was down at their end and she revealed that one of the common problems with crews is that they tend to disconnect internet connection lines when they restore telephone dial tones. Anyway, I am glad that last night we tickled on the wires and surprisingly we were able to fix the problem.  


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...