Monday, February 8, 2010


I would love to have a pet dog in the near future. Before, I prefer to own a puppy dog because at an early age it would still be easy to teach the puppy tricks and mold a puppy's behavior. It would be easy to give it house training. Now, I prefer to own an already big dog because I don't like recurrence of the bad experiences of my kids over the deaths of our puppy dogs before. Now, I understand that contrary to what I believe that it is easy to train dogs at an early age, dogs are basically intelligent and therefore, they can learn fast at whatever stage of their lives even at their old age. I just would have to deal with their furs because I might have some allergies with them.    


Anonymous said...

I also liked the dog, but dogs are the most feared animal in our family, so I can not keep a dog

eden said...

We all love dogs and we have two at the moment.