Saturday, February 6, 2010


After winter, it will be spring and summer. It would be a perfect season to go on bike riding, promenading and hiking. Well, I love bike riding especially when it is spring. I love the cold breeze of the air skidding through my cheeks as I ride in a motorcycle. But, mind you, I don't just ride in any motorcycle. I see to it that I can trust the one driving because I have a trauma on motorcycle accidents. I was once involved in a motorcycle accident with my ex-husband and it was during the time when I was pregnant. i was fortunate that nothing bad happened to the baby i was conceiving. My brother told me that if we had in our motorcyle a backrest especially a Jardine backrest, I would not have been thrown like a ball from the seat of our motorcycle. Anyway, after that incident I am so careful in riding in a motorcycle. I always advise the driver to drive slowly.

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Ayu said...

I can not ride a motorcycle but I do like walk around by motorcycle.


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