Sunday, February 28, 2010


I came to visit today the lot I bought two years ago.  Where before when I bought it I did not actually set foot on it, today I did. I am glad that it is not anymore flooded unlike before.  When I bought the lot, my plan was for my brother and mother to live on it.  My mother thought of the very big hassle of transferring their things.  Little did she know that there are moving companies like that of the Orange County movers that will be a great help in eliminating the hassles of moving. Anyway, when I have constructed a house on this lot, I don't think mother won't change her mind in moving.  But, if in case she really is bent on not moving, I plant to rent out the house so I can earn somehow.


Liza said...

Happy Tuesday sis!

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Louis Crawford said...

Your mother was right. She also probably knows such a company as Newport beach moving company I ordered this carrier for my family when they left their old house when they moved from Newport. So I recommend this team for crossings.