Sunday, March 28, 2010


Were you able to observe the earth hour last night? I was not able to make it in my room because I fell asleep as I was watching a movie.  When I went down, it was past the time slot for earth hour but when I asked my children if they did observe downstairs, they said they turned off the lights and the TV but they never turned off the computer for their computer games.  Hmm, sounds lke they are really hooked to the computer or they are not aware of the objectives of the earth hours, which was to acknowledge climate change and to advocate sustainability. They just pass the back when I told them they should have turned off the computer, too. Anyway, we can always observe earth hour anytime of the day when we want to. 

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring time and summer times are here. They are perfect moments to go on vacations and travels with the family and friends. I have scheduled a travel for my family, already in the summer break however, I don't know if I will be able to make it since many things have happened that disturbed my budget. Anyway, for others who are financially capacitated to go on enjoyable trips, you may want to have the Dinner Cruise San Diego Charter has to offer. For my family, I may have to deviate to other less expensive trips for my children. My children will sure understand because they worry a lot now for the accidents I have been having in the home. 


8:30PM on March 27 is considered the "Earth Hour".  The whole world will observe this momentous occasion. I hope through this blog, many people will for an hour participate by turning off lights and other electrical and electronic gadgets like computers, cellfones, radios, tv, karaoke, media player system and others gadgets in the house to contribute in lessening global warming. Peeps, please join hands as nobody will care for Mother Earth for us but us ourselves.   


Have you ever checked on your computer files if you have duplicate files that are not of use to you at all? Why don't you allow windows delete duplicate files for you? Yes this is possible.  No need to manually check on your files and see if you have existing duplicate files somewhere in your computer system. I have many of these files in my computer as a result of my computer technician's putting a back up file whenever I ask him to reformat my computer. Glad that I accessed this site because I can delete and lighten the files in my folders fast. I simply have to download this software. If you want to find and remove duplicate files in your computer system, why don't you access this site, too?  I tell you it will be to your great advantage. You better do it, now.


Beware of this incompetent doctor, he may cause the death of a relative or worst you. This US doctor has been banned by the New York health officials for undertaking surgeries as a surgeon and now he did it again in Queensland State, Australia. You had better check him out. 


A friend of mine is looking for a lot to settle with her boyfriend from the US. They have been engaged for three years now and she feels happy that they would soon meet and they plan to settle here. Have you ever wondered how many interracial marriages are there that are happening every day? Well, these data can be obtained from the civil registry but do you know that everything one wants to know about dating such as online dating statistics, how to impress on a first date, ways to look good for your partner and other helpful information can also be found on the net? For one who could not find the courage to express his or her love to his or her apple of the eye, helpful articles relating to how one can win the heart of a special someone and or how can one get a way to get out with a girl can be found on this site. Aside from dating informations that can be seen if one clicks on the link here, there are also other helpful topics or articles that can be obtained here. And, bloggers like me will find this site helpful because they can find free content for their website or blog.  

Friday, March 19, 2010


Soon classes will be over. Graduation exercises are near. Many will be happy to be reaping the fruits of what they sow. Parents, for example are happy that at last their children hurdled the many years of tedious education processes. They are also happy because their efforts and money paid off with the graduation of their child. I, for one, am happy that I will be harvesting the fruits of my labor. I will graduate this coming March 27 in my continuing graduate studies. Thanks God I have reached this far with my school achievements. I thank my family, too for their support and understanding for my absence in the family during the times I was in school attending my classes and other school activities.  I have inserted my studies despite my hectic work schedule and I am glad that I was able to make it.  


Doing some repairs in the home? Go on, it is a very good season of the year to have repairs in the home. However, before starting with the repair it is very important to prepare the materials first before starting the actual repair or rehabilitation of the house. If you need a circular blade better prepare or buy it ahead so that the repair works will not be delayed.  It is such a hassle to see workers doing nothing and receiving their full pay for the day all because you have not prepared the materials first.  If it is difficult for you to locate a circular blade in stores why don't you buy it online? Simply click on the link here and a variety of blades are offered for you to choose from.  


It has been awhile since I updated this site. Well, I am here and still waiting for my ride back to the hospital so I tickled on my computer to while my time and to divert my attention with the ever pouring problems I am encountering now. It is indeed true that when it pours when it rains.  I just hope that the rain will stop pouring right now.  But, on a lighter side, I am still lucky because my yokes are relatively lighter than the yoke others are having.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The rainy season is out now and I don't like it very much. I hate it when I am on the bus waiting station because no matter how freshly clean I got off from the house for the office, I can't avoid the dusty roads brought about by gravel and sand and other construction materials splattered sometimes along the highways from the trucks carrying them. It is time for making house constructions and repairs because it is dry season already. In my neighborhood, there are many house repairs going on.  One of them used a lexan sheet for their canopy roofing repair. I can't help but admire how a lexan sheet looks good on roofings. I thought it was only good for partitions. It must look good on carports, I figured.  Near my house, a balcony extension is being constructed.  I am glad I am over with the house repairs during the rainy season. I did not experience much dust on the outside. However, on the inside of the house I contended for a long time with the dusts coming from the walls being shattered apart. How I wish I don't have to deal with dusts everyday starting now that rainy season is over but I know it is a vain idea since my bus waiting station is on the highway.    


My laptop is acting up after a few days that I have not been using it. I don't seem to know what's wrong. It does not open after it hanged. Oh, I just thought that I should try to remove its battery and try using its plug if it will work. Maybe the battery was not properly installed or maybe it got loose. I will try to do those things later and see if it does work again. I can't believe that it is damaged already since it is barely 10 months old yet from the time I bought it at Best Buy in New York.   

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I feel sad for married couples whose relationships are becoming strained.  As a product of a failed marriage relationship, I don't like to hear married couple separating or on the verge of separation. It is not that I feel the pain of separation upon seeing separated couples but I don't like the couple to experience the same feelings I went through when it happened to me. I wish there was a spiritual adviser and healer like PSYCHIC ANN before I get married to the wrong person in order that I could avoid a false move in my life. I should not have had children who grow up alone without a responsible father to be with. But, let bygones be bygones. Things happen for a reason. I am happy that I have moved on with my life along with my children. I always wish for couples every time they settle to get marred that they be happy together, forever. But, if it can't be avoided that they fall for any reason, it is not late to rebuild broken relationship with the help of a spiritual adviser. It is not a joke to go through a separation; other people like the children and the family of both parties are mostly affected, too. 


It is late at night already but I am still awake because I can't go to bed, yet. I ate melon shake and I drank plenty of water. Since I have a heartburn, I cannot just go to bed, immediately. So, here I am blogging and trying to update this site before it gets abandoned for a few days since I will be away tomorrow until Saturday. I will be having an official travel to Manila. Per advice by my doctor, I shall not go to sleep three hours after eating to avoid heartburn.  


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...