Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring time and summer times are here. They are perfect moments to go on vacations and travels with the family and friends. I have scheduled a travel for my family, already in the summer break however, I don't know if I will be able to make it since many things have happened that disturbed my budget. Anyway, for others who are financially capacitated to go on enjoyable trips, you may want to have the Dinner Cruise San Diego Charter has to offer. For my family, I may have to deviate to other less expensive trips for my children. My children will sure understand because they worry a lot now for the accidents I have been having in the home. 


NovaS said...

ambot ni kanus-a pa kaha mi ani maka cruise.. gotta make sure duna mi kwarta..hehe nice idea jud ni ba...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Imelda, I hope everything is okay with you.
Do take it easy, huh? Holidays can always come when you able.
My wife and I have not taken a holiday since 2002, we returned to Malaysia.

Our holiday is being home, listen to music, just relaxing do what we want, no driving....
and my wife will bake cakes, cook nice dishes...our holiday, ha ha.
You take it easy, Ingat, Lee.

jagagdish said...

It is an nice idea to go on san deigo crucie. i understand ur problems, and accidents u met recently, May God bless with all strengths to over come them.
Hope ur fine and doing well.

Tey said...

My niece is in San Diego right now. I will let her know about this place
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