Monday, March 22, 2010


Have you ever checked on your computer files if you have duplicate files that are not of use to you at all? Why don't you allow windows delete duplicate files for you? Yes this is possible.  No need to manually check on your files and see if you have existing duplicate files somewhere in your computer system. I have many of these files in my computer as a result of my computer technician's putting a back up file whenever I ask him to reformat my computer. Glad that I accessed this site because I can delete and lighten the files in my folders fast. I simply have to download this software. If you want to find and remove duplicate files in your computer system, why don't you access this site, too?  I tell you it will be to your great advantage. You better do it, now.

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binaryman said...

Hi Imelda
Here is another tool to find duplicate files: Directory Report
It is very fast in finding dups in large drives