Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My laptop is acting up after a few days that I have not been using it. I don't seem to know what's wrong. It does not open after it hanged. Oh, I just thought that I should try to remove its battery and try using its plug if it will work. Maybe the battery was not properly installed or maybe it got loose. I will try to do those things later and see if it does work again. I can't believe that it is damaged already since it is barely 10 months old yet from the time I bought it at Best Buy in New York.   

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analou said...

I've been begging for my hubby to buy me a laptop for quite sometimes and he ended up buying me not a laptop but an iMac. His reason is that laptop tend to break/damage easily than a regular computer. WE have an Apple LAptop before and it broke after almost 2 years. It is almost 2 grand and now it's down the drain.....kaya naman ito, I tend to slowly love my iMac. Hope okay lang ang imong laptop Mel. I am sure mahal ra ba na.


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