Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The rainy season is out now and I don't like it very much. I hate it when I am on the bus waiting station because no matter how freshly clean I got off from the house for the office, I can't avoid the dusty roads brought about by gravel and sand and other construction materials splattered sometimes along the highways from the trucks carrying them. It is time for making house constructions and repairs because it is dry season already. In my neighborhood, there are many house repairs going on.  One of them used a lexan sheet for their canopy roofing repair. I can't help but admire how a lexan sheet looks good on roofings. I thought it was only good for partitions. It must look good on carports, I figured.  Near my house, a balcony extension is being constructed.  I am glad I am over with the house repairs during the rainy season. I did not experience much dust on the outside. However, on the inside of the house I contended for a long time with the dusts coming from the walls being shattered apart. How I wish I don't have to deal with dusts everyday starting now that rainy season is over but I know it is a vain idea since my bus waiting station is on the highway.    

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