Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I feel sad for married couples whose relationships are becoming strained.  As a product of a failed marriage relationship, I don't like to hear married couple separating or on the verge of separation. It is not that I feel the pain of separation upon seeing separated couples but I don't like the couple to experience the same feelings I went through when it happened to me. I wish there was a spiritual adviser and healer like PSYCHIC ANN before I get married to the wrong person in order that I could avoid a false move in my life. I should not have had children who grow up alone without a responsible father to be with. But, let bygones be bygones. Things happen for a reason. I am happy that I have moved on with my life along with my children. I always wish for couples every time they settle to get marred that they be happy together, forever. But, if it can't be avoided that they fall for any reason, it is not late to rebuild broken relationship with the help of a spiritual adviser. It is not a joke to go through a separation; other people like the children and the family of both parties are mostly affected, too. 

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analou said...

I really don't like seeing couple separated. Their children are the one who suffered from the consequences. I am glad you move on Mel. As what you said, let the past be the past. Have a nice day Mel.


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