Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have two fiesta invites for tomorrow, one for lunch and one for dinner. Hmm, I must think it over whether I shall go or not. My stomach might get upset, again especially whenever I get to eat contra foods. If I shall go, maybe I shall have to eat non-fatty foods and I should bring my own water. I don't know lately why my stomach gets upset whenever I drink tap water. In my household I am the only who is like this. I have a separate drinking water from my children. Mine is either mineral or distilled water. If until when my stomach will have a negative reaction with tap water, that I don't know. The fiesta is near my workstation, tomorrow so there is a high possibility that I will attend the dinner invite. I may have to decline the lunch invite since I don't like to queue in with hundreds of people to get to the buffet table to get food. Besides, the weather maybe too hot tomorrow that I may really decide against attending.


Liza said...

Happy eating then! :)

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Yen said...

Distilled water is not good for the body, Our company doctor says. If you can find some refilling station who offers alkaline water, try it. You can google the benefits of this water I am referring too. Take care of your health. :-)