Sunday, April 18, 2010


Watching a reality TV show is one of the favorites of my family. Right now, we are watching the Pinoy Big Brother in ABS-CBN. This show just started a week ago. As usual I expect the housemates to miss their families as most of them are first timers in being apart from their respective families. The housemates are divided into two houses, the Villa and the Apartment. the well off participants are in the villa while the less in life are housed in the apartment. It is themed Teen Clash 2010 and so as the name implies, the two groups will clash from each other in team tasks. However, they will still be rating themselves against each other during elimination periods. This show is a nightly show at ABS-CBN from Mondays thru Saturdays. It is fun to watch reality TV shows.


admin said...

i'm a big fan of pbb also, but right now i'm so busy to watch :(

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Tey said...

I wish I have the time to watch this. Kaso bitin everytime I start watching this kind of series show. I am so busy...
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