Friday, April 23, 2010


How would you like to be married to a man who has a sleeping disorder and you would just wake up to his strangling you in the middle of your sleep? Yes, it may be hard for an ordinary person to understand this sleepwalking disorder happening to other persons but this is true and I believe in this, too. My staff though is not into a domestic violence but he had been sleepwalking from his room and was found in the morning at another room sleeping in the restroom. It happened during the training that we had in Cebu two years, ago. Now that he got married, her wife once told me that she shove out of the bed my staff because he slapped her. I wish their case won't be like that of the Kaplan family of Coral Springs, Florida.

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Anonymous said...

There are many types in sleeping disorder and some of them are insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, night terror, sleep walking, etc.


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