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Monday, April 12, 2010


I have neglected this site for a long time but I am back now to updating this peeps. This is my maiden site and this is a very meaningful site to me so I should not abandon this. As I feel fine now, physically, to do about my tasks I will always try to update this site from now on.  It is right for google to slap me with a low page rank because I deserve it. Google knows how to pay off efforts and since I was short of it, I am stucked on having this low pr for my site. So, peeps see you on your sites, soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...just keep going and keep updating. I try to update my blogs as much as I can. I have not gotten any PR at all because I am not consistent but blogging is fun so I dont care really about PR.

dee-nesia said...

we're having the same problem. Seems the one post per day rule doesn't work anymore. My Gadget Review - one of my blog get PR 1, although I don't up date it regularly. While my other blog that is updated more regularly never get better than that big zero.
Maybe the post's consitency is more important than the regularity. Maybe we should consider to write posts in one topic, and write another topic in other blog.
Once again, this is only a possibilty.

Care to x link with

Nanaybelen said...

Hi Mel, came to visit. Ang hirap nga ang mag maintain ng pr ngayon. Inabandon ko na ang iba kung blogs kasi di ko na kaya.

NovaS said...

hay nako wala nako nag-asa aning mga PR oi.. kay katong nawala na jud, wa na jud ning balik masking unsaon nakog update ug unsaon nako pagpanumbalay... continue nlng ko anig blog kay mao may akong ampay...

gudluck te meldz