Sunday, May 30, 2010


Many people are enjoying the summer vacations in plosh hotels and resorts while in other parts of the world, many people are dying of hunger like in parts of Africa. Sometimes, I wonder why all these have to happen? Why are men not created equal in status? I am sorry for the children who are the sorry victims of starvation. Their growths are stunted if in case they live and they suffer more when they get to live because the same conditions repeat again every time drought strikes them like the one they are having right now. I am lucky to be living in a tropical country where water and plants are free and abundant. I only pray that rain will finally come to Niger and other parts in the arid belt of Africa so that plants and animals will continue their living.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Who thinks that going on a tour is just a waste of time and money? After I had my USA tour last year to many States in the US, my horizon expanded after going to the very unique places and sites and other cultural and historically important places in the US. I long to have another tour in another vacation time next year when my finances improve and among the places in my list is going through any of the Europe tours. I will be most happy if my children can go with me. I am interested to know the different cultures of the people in the European places. If this happens, I and my children would be the happiest people on earth.


My landline phone and internet connection are billed separately since the start. Every month I or my niece go back twice to pay for the monthly bill at this network connection office. Glad that a staff of its customer services went to the house today to have my signature as they offer a bunch promo for the integration of phone and internet connection and I can save big bucks in my monthly bill if i opt to integrate. Thanks for this innovation. I was already planning to switch to Globe network as it offers cheaper bill than the bill of the phone and internet connection combined. For now, I will observe my neighbor if Globe offers better services than Bayantel.


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My son was prodding me to enroll in martial arts. Why, it is too late already because the opening of classes is very proximate already. He may have this next year. It would have been better if he knew about this a month ago. Anyway, my sons enjoyed the online computer games using my desktop. They even don't like to help me in bloghopping because they only wanted to play. Well, kids will always be kids. I am just happy that they stay at home most of the time rather than hang out with friends and go somewhere else.


A few months ago, I experienced an upset stomach especially when I drink tap water. I got well after a visit to the hospital. From then on, I never was able to drink tap water without having upset stomach after each drink. So, I decided to switch to drinking mineral water at home and it became the drinking water, too of my whole family. I did not like to compromise the health of my children, too. However, I read that mineral water is not at all good for the health of the family. I am contemplating then of switching to what is the best drinking water for the family. For one, I will buy a water filter pitcher. It is a handy water filter gadget that will be used by the family wherever we go. This way I can be assured that me and my children will be taking safe drinking water.


I called the day off. No important transaction and not much to do in the office so here I am at home. I even woke up late. I am glad that it rained early this morning. The weather is not so hot early today unlike in the past days. How I wish it would rain again, later. Yesterday morning, too it drizzled. I hope this would be the start of the cooling off of temperature in here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Owning a car is both a luxury and convenience. Despite the soaring prices of gasoline, everybody will agree with me that no one can buy the convenience and comfort a car offers in traveling to and fro home and to intended destinations. I will still opt to drive despite the soaring prices of gasoline. It is very convenient and comfortable to go anywhere when you have a car. However, the car must be safe from burglars when outdoors and when indoors. Indoors, the home is important that it has a garage to safeguard the car from all natural and man made destructions. The garage will serve as a good shelter for the car, a way to pamper back the car for its offered convenience and comfort all day long and 24/7. When it needs repair, it must be taken cared of immediately. If you live in San Diego, a Gate Automation San Diego will take care of your gate repairs. It has experienced and trusted professionals who will do fix your garage in no time at all with utmost dedication and excellent performance.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Many of you guys may have wondered why I am not reciprocating your visits. My apologies because much as I want to, I prefer to stay in my room where it is air conditioned than stay downstairs where it so warm because I have skin itching. This skin problem has been for a month now and I am taking medications for it. I am taking betamethasone cream and colloidal oatmeal lotion. I wish I will be fine in the next few days as this itching has taken a big toll on my daily activities. My thighs and back are all rashes already. So, my apologies again, guys.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Monday, May 10, 2010


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In this memorable day of your life, may you be happy and may you be blessed with good health, more wisdom and success in life's endeavors ahead. I and your siblings will always be beside you to support you. Happy birthday, Arjay!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The sad thing about aging is one loses good eyesight. I have experienced this when I was almost reaching the age of 40. Before, I only get to read about this fact in books and cared less about it. Too late for me to realize in the end that it will come to me sooner if I don't take care of my eyes. Now, I am using prescription eyeglasses. I might considering using contact lenses like acuvue moist if I get wary of using my eyeglasses. I have friends who use contact lenses and they said it is handy than wearing prescription eyeglasses. They have colored contact lenses, too. I could not carry one gay friend of my friend because I saw him wearing red contact lenses. It did look bad, though. I am wondering if I woulds look good in green or blue color contact lenses. My daughter says if I sport these colors I will be like the cats in our neighborhood that come to the house at times. Well, I love their eyes, why not?


The television has no other meaty news but about the activities and apprehensions regarding the national and local elections in May 10. I am all fed up with listening to these news. I was bloghopping from 11pm until midnight and all channels in the cable tv contained one subject. Tomorrow, I might wake up and sleep, too to hear about election news. Can't the media people just wait until that day comes?

Friday, May 7, 2010


As the elections is fast coming through the Office of the Civil Registrar noted that among the days of the year, election day is a date where no couple dares to schedule a wedding on this date. It is understandable because election day is a day where people get busy exercising their right of suffrage and some show their support in whatever way to their respective political candidates. I was cracking a joke to my client the other day who is planning to get married soon to schedule their wedding date on election day. Why not? The judge and the the priest can always solemnize a marriage but I have always wondered why no wedding invitations are heard on an election day. Well, this is just my fancy idea. I won't be surprised if no one will buy this idea of mine. After all, I am not also sold out to this idea. Speaking of wedding invitations, I have yet to receive one for this year. Last year, I was one of the sponsors in a wedding. My only remorse is all my pictures in that wedding were all deleted by my son in my digital camera. It was my second to sponsor a wedding and since then I have no pictures saved on my photo album. Next time, I will see to it that I have a picture printed and put in my album as souvenir of my sponsorships.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is a sad fact that many countries especially in Africa and in the Middle East, the women or girls under 9 years of age and under are subjected to mutilation of their sex organ in what they call as circumcision, a deep-seated religious or cultural tradition. Gosh, I am glad to be borne in an Asian country where this tradition of circumcision of women is non-existent among females. When I attended the UN convention last year in May at the New York City, this was one of the issues discussed therein. Now, I am glad that the African states themselves are pushing for UN to ban this practice as it is violative of human rights. I hope other countries in the Middle East will push for this measure, too so that the women's rights will be protected.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Mayweather won the boxing fight over Mosley. In a twelve round fight, Mosley was defeated by Mayweather in 117-110 scoring. The question remains to be asked if Pacquaio will fight with Mayweather. Pacquaio is running a congressional seat in the Philippines. So, it will be after elections yet when we will get to know if Pacquaio will accede to Mayweather's call for a fight.


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I will watch the boxing match later of Mayweather and Mosley at Las Vegas in our cable TV. This interests me because Mayweather may fight with Manny Pacquiao in the near future. I would like to watch how Mayweather fights with his opponent. This is a funny thought because it is as if I can do something with the fight of Mayweather and Pacquiao when that time comes. As an avid fan of Pacquiao I wish that Pacquiao is watching the fight of Mayweather today so that he can strategize his moves with Mayweather once their bout comes.


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May 10 is the conduct of national and local elections here, and it is a few days from now. I hope that there will be no more untoward incidents that will happen especially in places considered hot spots. It can be noted that many candidates are wooing the voters to sell their votes. My sister was here last night and she was telling me that on Tuesday they will be going to a candidates house with some voters as they will be given money. Vote buying is still rampant. I can't blame the candidates for as long as there are voters who are willing to be corrupted, these candidates will resort to vote buying to win in the elections. I hope one day, there will be political maturity on the part of the voters to vote wisely and not to sell their precious votes as the destiny of the country lies in the hands of the candidates they will catapult to power.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


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