Saturday, May 8, 2010


The sad thing about aging is one loses good eyesight. I have experienced this when I was almost reaching the age of 40. Before, I only get to read about this fact in books and cared less about it. Too late for me to realize in the end that it will come to me sooner if I don't take care of my eyes. Now, I am using prescription eyeglasses. I might considering using contact lenses like acuvue moist if I get wary of using my eyeglasses. I have friends who use contact lenses and they said it is handy than wearing prescription eyeglasses. They have colored contact lenses, too. I could not carry one gay friend of my friend because I saw him wearing red contact lenses. It did look bad, though. I am wondering if I woulds look good in green or blue color contact lenses. My daughter says if I sport these colors I will be like the cats in our neighborhood that come to the house at times. Well, I love their eyes, why not?

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Tina said...

i used to wear these before i had my lazer eye surgery. they were good.

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