Sunday, May 30, 2010


Many people are enjoying the summer vacations in plosh hotels and resorts while in other parts of the world, many people are dying of hunger like in parts of Africa. Sometimes, I wonder why all these have to happen? Why are men not created equal in status? I am sorry for the children who are the sorry victims of starvation. Their growths are stunted if in case they live and they suffer more when they get to live because the same conditions repeat again every time drought strikes them like the one they are having right now. I am lucky to be living in a tropical country where water and plants are free and abundant. I only pray that rain will finally come to Niger and other parts in the arid belt of Africa so that plants and animals will continue their living.


Lina Gustina said...

Yes, we're lucky... water is easy to find here. Let's pray for them...

Happiness said...

Life is unfair. Some have plenty of money and yet they want more and want to acquire everything they can see even to those who have scarce. May untag matuk-an ning mga tawhana.

Tina said...

i know its so sad. i hope all the charity donantions they get will help give them a better life soon.

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