Friday, May 7, 2010


As the elections is fast coming through the Office of the Civil Registrar noted that among the days of the year, election day is a date where no couple dares to schedule a wedding on this date. It is understandable because election day is a day where people get busy exercising their right of suffrage and some show their support in whatever way to their respective political candidates. I was cracking a joke to my client the other day who is planning to get married soon to schedule their wedding date on election day. Why not? The judge and the the priest can always solemnize a marriage but I have always wondered why no wedding invitations are heard on an election day. Well, this is just my fancy idea. I won't be surprised if no one will buy this idea of mine. After all, I am not also sold out to this idea. Speaking of wedding invitations, I have yet to receive one for this year. Last year, I was one of the sponsors in a wedding. My only remorse is all my pictures in that wedding were all deleted by my son in my digital camera. It was my second to sponsor a wedding and since then I have no pictures saved on my photo album. Next time, I will see to it that I have a picture printed and put in my album as souvenir of my sponsorships.

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NovaS said...

sus abi nakog imuha ng wedding invitations... jk... i love to collect souvenirs too


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