Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I maybe vain but I am not ashamed to reveal my thoughts in my site. When I was a little girl I dreamed of going to different places like New York and Europe. Yes, as early as five years old , I was already thinking and dreaming big time. Dreaming is free, anyway. I have seen Hollywood actors and actresses transformed their physical appearance with the help of science. Well, I thought I could also transform my face to a famous Hollywood actress if I have the money. When I went to New York, last year, it was a dream come true. However, my dream to have a transformed physical appearance with a help of a Plastic Surgery New York surgeon did not materialize. I don't need to transform my face, anymore. I am proud with what I got and I am so grateful to my creator for this gift. Maybe, what I need if I have the money is to have a cosmetic reconstructive procedure like liposuction tummy tucks or breast surgery. I am really vain, am I not? Well, for now they remain to be dreams as I have no money, yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It was good that the parade for the Pintados festival here in my place started and ended early in the morning. It caused a traffic though, but at ten o'clock the parade was already through. The judging of the presentations was done at a grandstand and it ended at late in the afternoon. there were many entries to the contest that is why the judging took this long. My elder son watched it with his classmates.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Planning for the course of development of my workplace is one thing that the newly elected officials will be undergoing next month and I will be conducting a training regarding this. If I were to suggest I wanted the town to be known as the hub for tourism attraction. The land area of the two is not so big that it can not compete with the agricultural production of the nearby towns. In order to raise the revenues of the town and in order that it it will rise from its present classification as 5th class municipality it shall have to raise its revenues. It is not enough to be taxing its residents. The town officials, considering the coastal location of the town, may develop hotels, theme parks and resorts in the area to attract tourists and investors. When theme parks and resorts are made, the place will be put up with many amenities for kids like the Playground Equipment, sports and outdoor play equipment, pool slides and many others. My vision for the town is to make it a favorite hang out of the family of not just the town folks herein but of the tourists that will flock from other places. This way, the income of the municipality will soar.


I have been to the downtown area today at the parent's meeting of my elder son. My elder son's school is within the heart of the city and it is a few minutes drive from my place. The teacher adviser oriented the parent's about the school policies, and some regulations for the students. In the meeting I came to know the sentiments of some parents about their children being hooked to the computer. There abound many computer cafes nearby the school and their children usually skip classes in order to play computer games. I share the same sentiment as these parents. I have talked with my son regarding this and I am confident he can not go to the computer cafes as his allowance is only enough to cover for his fare. I let him bring his snacks and lunch with him so he has no reason to have extra money. This is my way to prevent him from skipping classes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Looking forward to a long trip in this summer vacation? Well, wherever you will go, whether you will be with your family and or friends, I am sure it would be an exciting trip. But, wait. Hold your excitement until you have finally worked out all the details of your trip. Be sure that you have seek your accommodation in the place of destination. It is better to book it earlier so you can avail of discounts and promos, if any. Don't forget to check on your vehicle, too. It is very important that this is done earlier, too so you will know the condition of your car and you can make the necessary purchase and repairs of parts, if any. You sure don't want to get stranded in the hot long roads of your destination so you better check on everything including your tires. If you need to buy new tires, you can buy cheap goodyear tires in the net, now. It is a good opportunity for every car owner to buy cheap but quality tires. If you want, you can buy them as spare tires for future use. Have a safe trip and enjoy a long drive wherever you plan to be.


My one year old laptop has a problem. It has screen flickering in the monitor everytime I open it. I don't know what seem to be the problem. I searched in google about its possible defect and I came to know that this must be a problem of the inverter. I wish the inverter is just cheap but I searched the net, it costs about $100. I hope this acting up stops soonest and I wish it is not an inverter problem.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Before I forget to post early tomorrow morning greetings to my father who had parted from the earth for good but I believe he is always around to guide me, to my brothers who are all fathers to their children, and to all fathers in the world,

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Don't Forget Father's Day - June 20!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Every Sunday, I use to listen after the tv mass, a program hosted by an immigration lawyer and a Filipino TV host. His clients are mostly Filipinos who have problems in their immigration papers while some are just asking for the sake of inquiry or curiosity. The setting of the show is in the United States and their audience are mixed nationalities. I find such program educational as I am a curious and ignorant person when it comes to immigration laws, national and international. I am also curious because I want to further my studies in Bachelor of Laws and this may be helpful to me in the future. I wish there will be many programs on tv that will tackle issues on criminal laws, civil laws, taxation laws and other laws to keep people abreast and not ignorant. Anyhow, since there are no programs yet on tv that can be of help to many audiences, it pays to find a lawyer by contacting law firms like the American Residential Law Group when the need arises to see them. Remember, if you are on the right and you have the cause of action, fight for it.


I like the weather now because it drizzles once in awhile. The house surroundings is cooler and the electric fan is not venting warm air around the house now, anymore. It has been months that we experienced hot weather and this one now is a much welcome weather. I like it when it drizzles. I love to listen to the raindrops tip topping on the roofing. Soon, it will be rainy season, again but I am praying that the rain will not go in excess that will damage properties like what had happened last year during the flooding in the Metro Manila area. No one can say he is prepared when calamities strike because calamities know no one and spare no one when it rages its fury. It pays to make preventive measures, though to cushion any adverse impacts of disasters.


I have rubbed elbows with many rich people while in my stint of employment. I have been to some of their properties during cocktail parties and any special celebrations. The most I am excited to see about when I go to parties like this is not the food, I am an much of a food tripper, but, rather it is the ambiance of the party and of the house of the host I am after of. Not that I look down on those hosts who don't meet my high expectations about their stature against their properties, but I am after the architectural designs and home ideas I can get or behold my eyes on. I wish one of them possesses real estate in the likeness of the beautiful hill country home overlooking a creek and vineyard, custom swimming pool and outdoor patio the Kerrville Texas Real Estate has to offer. If I were rich, I will surely buy this property and I will enjoy entertaining my guests in the great guesthouse. Not that I don't like it in the city but I like to live in a country home where I have a storage barn and total perfect ambiance.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It is a very boring life when I am not studying. From office to home, and from home to office, I find it boring that I am not professionally enriching myself, academically. Glad that I am blogging, somehow I can earn and I can while my time after I assist kids with their school tasks. I am planning, if my finances allow, to pursue my course in bachelor of laws. Many years ago, I stopped at 2nd year college to give ample time to my sons who I worried will not be assisted with their assignments if I leave them to themselves. I enrolled then in weekends classes in Master in Public Resource Management until I graduated. Now, that my kids are all on their high school years, one in third year and the youngest in second year, I figured I can already hold them responsible for their assignments. On the second semester, I plan to resume my pursuit to be a lawyer, someday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Are you a man who is eyeing a crush but you seem to be tongue tied when she goes near you? Well, it happens most of the time to most men. They need to find guts to approach and tell the apple of their eyes about their feelings for the girl. However, there are men who are courageous enough to express what they feel after many tries. Good for those who can express what they feel but how about those who can not? Well, it is really a problem. In fact, there are even men who are so boring to their girlfriends. Behind their backs, the girlfriends are already talking against the dullness of the boyfriend. Sometimes if a man is boring, the woman decides to break up with the boy. If you do not want to lose your girlfriend why don't you make efforts to make your relationship work? There are many ways to maintain a vibrant relationship and one of which is you should know how to say Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. There are a lot more you should know about dealing with your girlfriend. Click on this link to know more.

Monday, June 14, 2010


How time flies. It is another school year and classes will resume tomorrow, June 15. The house will be silent again after my kids leave for school and will have a sign of life, again once they go back in the afternoon. I have no house help for now but I have a laundry woman who will come over to wash soiled clothes. She will clean the house and cook before she leaves in the afternoon. It is such an agony without house help. I hope to find a stay in house help, soon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since it is summer break, my sons are all the time glued to the desktop computer in the house. I hear them murmur in disapproval whenever I use the desktop. I let them play their favorite computer games in the net like the poptropica games and other favorite games to their heart's content because when school time resumes, they can no longer use the computer as I am going to put a password to it. The only time they could use the computer is during school breaks. I will not even allow them to use the computer during weekends, except of course, if they need the internet for their school works or projects. I resolved to be stringent with my rules on the use of computer because my sons tend to forget to do their school assignments and projects when they are already absorbed in the computer games. I have talked this out with them and they understood. With limited school allowance money and my constant tutoring on their school lessons I hope to develop in them the value of being focused on their studies and being hardworking in school.


The weather has been going hot for a couple of months, now. The highest temperature measured was 39 degrees Celsius. In times like this, I miss my childhood days when we lived in a nipa house, a house made of light materials like wood wallings and floorings and nipa thatches as roofings. The house was surrounded with so many fruit trees and the land area we dwelled on was bigger. When it was hot during summer, we hardly feel the heat as the trees cooled down the house area and there was fresh air coming from the trees. Now, I live in a subdivision with heavy materials like concrete flooring, wallings and everything but it is very hot when summer comes. There are no big trees to filter and cool down the surroundings. If I were given the chance to construct another house, I will build one with light materials and I will live in the countryside with a big land area where I can plant fruit bearing trees and raise hogs and chickens. I am being nostalgic, but I can't help but compare then from now.


The posture of a person has something to do with the way he sits. If he often sits slouching in chair, the tendency is he would also slouch when he stands and in everything he does. Chairs, on the other hand, have something to do with the comfort of the body. If a person sits on a comfy chair, his back is protected. No one wants to have back pains so it is better to get rid of the cause of back pains before it happens to anybody. If you are a person who has sedentary work and you lounge in your chair more than the times you stay standing, it is better for you to have Office Chairs that will give you not only comfort but also protection from back pains. Of course, if you head the office or if you are one who has a say in the procurement of office furnitures, recommend for the use of office chairs that will prevent back pains or if you already have one, it would relieve you of mild, medium or severe back pains. You will be amazed that such kind of chairs could be used to relieve you of back pains but this is true. Click on the link for to believe what I am saying.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The elections is over at the national and local levels of government. It ushered in new set of local officials and at the local level I am responsible in bringing about a capability building activity hoping to bring about a cadre of development oriented, newly minted or re-elected, officials who will be able to translate local economic development roadmap to socio-economic development of its constituencies. I will be busy henceforth because of the preparations I shall be making for this activity. My target is to conduct the training on the second week of June at a place to be determined tomorrow after I get the quotations for each targeted venue.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Generally, once people reach the age of 40 they get a decline in good eyesight. It becomes sooner with improper care of the eyes, like poor eating habits, reading in poor lightings, lack of sleep and many others. This explains why there are people wearing eyeglasses at a younger age than 40. Like me, I experienced poor eyesight at the age of 39. I was prescribed by the optometrist to wear eyeglasses but at first I was against it. I was more inclined to wearing contact lenses like the soflens toric as it is convenient to wear. But, when I was given free prescription eyeglasses by my sister I was glad to wear it. I have two eyeglasses right now which I seldom use. Later, I know I will get rid of them as they might not be suited anymore for my eyes. I will get contact lenses when that happens. I don't like obstruction in my face that is why I prefer to wear them. I can also avoid the risk of losing my eyeglasses which have happened to me for many instances already but lucky me because I was able to recover them back.


Yes, the airconditioning unit downstairs has been installed now. I can linger longer now downstairs than staying in my room upstairs where even if it is airconditioned the heat still persists because of the low ceiling. Now, I can bloghop more often since the heat will no longer disturb me. My itching is slowly vanishing now. The oatmeal lotion and betamethasone cream are working wonders on me.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Since the start, I wanted to have pet animals. However, because my skin is super sensitive to allergens like cat and dog furs, pollens and other allergens I decided not to have a pet cats and dogs in the house. Yesterday, I was surprised to see puppies in the house. My sons were given two puppies and they were yet too small to be weaned but the owner gave them away to my sons. I was complaining to my sons to return the pet dogs but they are still against it, yet. I understand their love for dogs but I have to do something to get rid of them for now. There are cats, though, that come over the house almost all the time. They just stay outdoors because they love to lie on their backs before the pavement. My sons usually play and feed them after. I just hope that the neighbor owners will give these cats wholesome cat food. Going back to my sons' love for pets, I may just have to buy fishes tomorrow so their attention will be diverted to fishes. I will give the puppies to my brother.


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