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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have been to the downtown area today at the parent's meeting of my elder son. My elder son's school is within the heart of the city and it is a few minutes drive from my place. The teacher adviser oriented the parent's about the school policies, and some regulations for the students. In the meeting I came to know the sentiments of some parents about their children being hooked to the computer. There abound many computer cafes nearby the school and their children usually skip classes in order to play computer games. I share the same sentiment as these parents. I have talked with my son regarding this and I am confident he can not go to the computer cafes as his allowance is only enough to cover for his fare. I let him bring his snacks and lunch with him so he has no reason to have extra money. This is my way to prevent him from skipping classes.

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NovaS said...

good mother jud... kana jud..dapat katong mga tag-iya sa mga cafe won't let the children play within school hours...try to submit a proposal ana sis...luoy ang mga bata ana ba....