Saturday, June 12, 2010


The weather has been going hot for a couple of months, now. The highest temperature measured was 39 degrees Celsius. In times like this, I miss my childhood days when we lived in a nipa house, a house made of light materials like wood wallings and floorings and nipa thatches as roofings. The house was surrounded with so many fruit trees and the land area we dwelled on was bigger. When it was hot during summer, we hardly feel the heat as the trees cooled down the house area and there was fresh air coming from the trees. Now, I live in a subdivision with heavy materials like concrete flooring, wallings and everything but it is very hot when summer comes. There are no big trees to filter and cool down the surroundings. If I were given the chance to construct another house, I will build one with light materials and I will live in the countryside with a big land area where I can plant fruit bearing trees and raise hogs and chickens. I am being nostalgic, but I can't help but compare then from now.

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