Friday, June 18, 2010


I have rubbed elbows with many rich people while in my stint of employment. I have been to some of their properties during cocktail parties and any special celebrations. The most I am excited to see about when I go to parties like this is not the food, I am an much of a food tripper, but, rather it is the ambiance of the party and of the house of the host I am after of. Not that I look down on those hosts who don't meet my high expectations about their stature against their properties, but I am after the architectural designs and home ideas I can get or behold my eyes on. I wish one of them possesses real estate in the likeness of the beautiful hill country home overlooking a creek and vineyard, custom swimming pool and outdoor patio the Kerrville Texas Real Estate has to offer. If I were rich, I will surely buy this property and I will enjoy entertaining my guests in the great guesthouse. Not that I don't like it in the city but I like to live in a country home where I have a storage barn and total perfect ambiance.

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