Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I maybe vain but I am not ashamed to reveal my thoughts in my site. When I was a little girl I dreamed of going to different places like New York and Europe. Yes, as early as five years old , I was already thinking and dreaming big time. Dreaming is free, anyway. I have seen Hollywood actors and actresses transformed their physical appearance with the help of science. Well, I thought I could also transform my face to a famous Hollywood actress if I have the money. When I went to New York, last year, it was a dream come true. However, my dream to have a transformed physical appearance with a help of a Plastic Surgery New York surgeon did not materialize. I don't need to transform my face, anymore. I am proud with what I got and I am so grateful to my creator for this gift. Maybe, what I need if I have the money is to have a cosmetic reconstructive procedure like liposuction tummy tucks or breast surgery. I am really vain, am I not? Well, for now they remain to be dreams as I have no money, yet.


Kavita (luvikavi) said...

I think that is true what you wrote, I know if I had money to do that stuff, I probably would be tempted to do it. Maybe the good thing about not having enough money is that it teaches us to be happy with what we have :)

analou said...

Dreaming small or big is free. Kaya lets dream of something, who knows it will be materialized someday.